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This case replaces the original shell of the GameBoy Advance and is made to also house the GBAConsolizer kit.

These will not be stocked, but made to order, so normal pre order fashion.

It’s a bit of a visual upgrade over just an original GBA and GBAConsolizer.

It also has a front facing power switch.
HDMI and USB power are now out the back and the SNES controller port and game cartridge slot face front as you’d expect!

Plexiglas top and bottom with the GBAConsolizer logo etched to the top plate.

The original GBA buttons will not be accessible so you will have to use an SNES controller of some kind with this case.
Another advatage with this is you can solder the breakout pcb wires right to the big pads instead of the tiny test points! Unless you plan to make it back in to a portable…
Also, you can’t change the analog volume output easily when the case it closed, but that doesn’t affect the digital audio levels. You can just leave volume maxed out and either leave an aux cable plugged in to mute the speaker or desolder one speaker wire, or remove the speaker entirely if you don’t like the look of it in the case or won’t ever need to use it.

GBA like colors coming soon!

Creative Makers is our main supplier of plastics, they are better quality and they have more capacity so there would be less time from order to shipment. They will also be supplying all lasered plexi pieces.

Collingall is the famous greg collins, responsible for height def nes kits etc, we’ve not made big order through him yet but capacity seems lower and potential delays could be possible.

Both cases will perform exactly the same.

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CM Black, CM Translucent Red, CM Translucent Blue, CM Translucent Sea Green, CM Matte Purple, CM Matte Pink, CM Orange, Collingall Black, Collingall Apple Green, Collingall Apple Red, Collingall McLaren Orange, Collingall Purple, Collingall White, Collingall Blue


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