Height-Def NES the #NoCutMod for Hi-Def NES


The pieces required to do a no-cut hi-def nes mod to your top loader or av famicom.

Ignore the GBAConsolizer pics, it’s just to show the color of the plastics, will add proper pics of the height def nes when I get all the samples in!

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The no-cut mod is pretty self explanatory, it lets you install the hi-def nes kit without cutting and plastic of the console!

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 7 × .5 in
Choose color here:

Collingall Anicent Gold, Collingall Apple Green, Collingall Apple Red, Collingall Black, Collingall Blue, Collingall Blue Silver, Collingall Bronze, Collingall Brown, Collingall Clear, Collingall Copper, Collingall Fami Red, Collingall Gunmetal, Collingall Light Grey, Collingall McLaren Orange, Collingall Pearl, Collingall Platinum, Collingall Purple, Collingall Purple, Collingall Rose Gold, Collingall Ruby, Collingall Saphire, Collingall White, Collingall Yellow

Front LED or none

Front LED, None

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