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*** NEW VERSION as of 9/2017 ***

This version of my multi-cart was just released in mid-September. It was redesigned with increased capacity and it now contains 101 TITLES compared to the previous version which had 58.
There are several differences between the last revision (2.5) and the current version 3.0. The menu software has been re-written to add several features such as joystick control, the PCB was redesigned to accommodate a larger capacity chip, the label is professionally printed on vinyl stock, among other subtle differences.

The list of titles below is comprised of the entire commercially-released Vectrex library less one title – AnimAction. The rest of the 101 titles is chock full of homebrew games, demos, prototypes and even some college programming project entries!

2D Narrow Escape Disc Duel Polar Rescue Lost Version Star Trek
3D Crazy Coaster* Doodle Jump Pole Position Star Trek 2
3D Minestorm* Fortress of Narzod Quick Shot Super Simon
3D Narrow Escape* Gravitrex Release Tempest Demo
All Good Things Heads Up Repulse Test Cartridge
Amen: Live! Hyperchase Revector Tour De France**
Armor Attack Kingdom of Heaven Rip Off Trapped
Art Cart #1* Kingpin Bowling Rockaroids Remix V-Theremin
Art Master* Lenny’s Jukebox Rounders Vaboom!
Bach’s Prelude Mail Plane* Scramble Vec Wars
B E D L A M Marine Fox Solar Quest Veccy Bird
B.E.T.H. Demo Melody Master* Space Assault Vectopia
Berzerk Minestorm 2 Space Frenzy Vector Clock
Berzerk 2 Minestorm RLB Cheat Space Wars Vector Pong
Birds of Prey Moon Lander Spaceball Vector Vaders
Blitz! Mr. Boston Spaceship Centauri Vector Vaders 2
Bloxorz Nagoya Attack Beta Spike Vectrace
Cantina Band Nebula Spike Hoppin Vectrex Circus
City Bomber Nonagalf Spike Vortex Vectrex Frogger
Clean Sweep P1X3L Pusher Spike’s Water Balloons Vectrexians
Climax Demo Patriots Spinball Very Vectight
Cosmic Chasm Performance VX Squarez 2015 Web Wars
Cube Quest Pipe Race Star Castle Whack-A-Mole
Daisy Pitcher’s Duel Star Fuel Wormhole
Dark Tower Polar Rescue Star Hawk Xmas 2014
Xmas Space Race

*Game requires special peripheral to play.
**Press reset on the Vectrex after selecting Tour De France to start the game

Sean explains what’s New in v3.0:

In addition to all of the new games, I’ve made several enhancements to the menu software/operation. Here’s what you will find…

101 GAMES! The last version of the mutli-cart contained 58 titles. I have nearly DOUBLED the number of games included on the cart by doubling the memory capacity.

I’ve added a bunch of new games including many from BinaryStar software and several others who granted me permission to include their work.

Also of note are the titles that came from the German University of Pforzheim where professor Peer Johannsen is using the Vectrex as a tool to teach videogame design. His students have come up with some great games for the Vectrex and I have been given permission to include some of them on my multi-cart!

For the first time, I have a BOX available for the multi-cart! Half the fun of building a collection is being able to sit back and admire what you’ve built in some sort of a cool display of shelves and shelves full of games. In order to properly display and protect your multi-cart, I’ve always felt that it would be cool if it had a box so it could stand on the shelf with the rest of the Vectrex collection.
It is the exact size and shape of original Vectrex boxes and comes with an insert to hold the multi-cart inside of the box.

There were a couple of bugs in the previous version of the menu software that I was never able to quite figure out. One, in particular, that a few people mentioned to me occurred when scrolling through the list back and forth too many times…the menu would crash sometimes. That bug has been fixed. I’ve scrolled through the list hundreds of times and never had a problem.

Instead of just the action buttons, now the JOYSTICK can be used to scroll up, down, page left and page right!

The buttons still work as before with two small changes. Button #3 is now a “home” button. If you’ve scrolled back and forth too many times and have lost your place, simply hit button #3 to go back to the beginning of the menu. Button #4 starts the game now which is different from previous versions of the multi-cart that used button #3 to start the game.

The edge connector on the cartridge PCB that plugs into the Vectrex has been regular solder in the past. On this version I had it gold-plated.

The newly-redesigned label is professionally printed on vinyl stock so it is much more resistant to damage or smudging than the previous labels were.

As silly as it sounds, it always bugged me that the screw that held together my multi-cart was silver but the original screws were black. I sourced black screws for this version! 🙂 gets these carts straight from the maker, Sean Kelley. The copyright holder for the entire library of commercially-released Vectrex software is Jay Smith – the former owner of GCE. Mr. Smith has given him legal permission to produce and sell this compilation of his games as he have for the past eight years. The authors of the homebrew titles included on this cartridge have also given him permission to include their works.

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