N64 power supply cap kit


All electrolytic capacitors needed to replace the original caps in your power supply.
This is only for the original Nintendo power supplies!
These are sourced from Mouser, low esr, high temp, Nichicon and Panasonic brands.

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This kit includes caps needed to replace the caps in OEM Nintendo N64 power supplies.

I have upgraded this kit to also work on the ‘S’ versions of the OEM supplies. A 680uF cap was added to the kit as this was the only cap not in the old kits. I finally got a large enough sample size of S supplies to see what the differences were.


k version
c2 – 100uF 200v
c4 – use 100uF 35v – original cap may be 56uF
c12 – use 330uF or 470uF 25v – original may be 330uF
c16 – use 2200uF or 2700uF 16v – original cap may be 1800uF
c17 – 270uF 10v
c20 – use 100uF 35v – original cap may be 47uF
c105 – use 100uF 35v

S versions:
c2 – use 100uF 200v
c8 – 100uF 35v
c9 – use .1uF 100v
c103 – use 680uF 35v – original cap may be 560uF
c104 – use the 2200uF or 2700uF – original cap may be 2200uF
c105 – use 100uF 35v – original cap may be 47uF
c106 – use 330uF 10v – original cap may be 220uF, 330uF, or 680uF

I found another rare version – TA:

Caps that can be replaced from my kit:
c2 – 100uF 200v
c11 – 2200uF 16v – use 2200uF or 2700uF 16v
c10 – 560uF 35v – use 680uF 35v
c19 – 270uF 10v

Caps not in my kit:
c24 – 120uF 25v
c12 – 22uF 35v
c5 – 22uF 35v
c3 – 1uF 250v
c9 – 1uF 50V

My cap kit will not replace all these caps and it’s rare enough that I don’t plan to support it.

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