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Q: Where can I get the Hi-Def NES or UltraHDMI kits?
A: The shop page is here, to keep up to date just keep watching the store or my YT channel, twitter, google+ etc.
Also, I have been selling pre-modded front loaders in the shop.

Q: Do you ship to ***?
A: Yes, we ship world wide!

Q: I ordered something, when will it ship and when will it arrive?
A: For pre-orders read this, otherwise your order ships asap! Once kits are shipped out you’ll get a track number and that’s about all the help I can be, it’s out of my hands once the carrier picks it up. First class international shipping may take weeks to arrive and if customs put a hold on it, it may be even longer, again I can’t help much if that happens. Pri mail international is way more expensive, but if you need it right away i’d use that service.

Q: Why didn’t I get an email from your site saying order is complete?
A: The order isn’t complete until I ship the kit. At that time i’ll complete the order and an email will be sent to you.

Q: Do you plan to do 1080 mods on any other systems? Snes, t16, jaguar, etc?
A: I get this a LOT! First off, I don’t make the Hi-Def or UltraHDMI kits, Kevin isn’t likely to do more kits like the hi-def nes as other ppl have already made kits for consoles that it can be done on and are viable, I.E. not going to do one for coleco even though it can be done as not enough kits would sell to be worth while. The rest can’t be done as the signals can’t be tapped, I.E. snes. This is where the Zimba3K comes in, it will do most of the vintage systems at 1080p etc.

Q: You’re not doing mods or repairs currently, but when will you start working on them again?
A: Not for a very long time, if you want a modder soon try this list!

Q: Will you make an exception for me?
A: No I won’t, sorry!

Q: Can I put you on a wait list?
A: I don’t do wait lists.

Q: Can you fix the snes black screen issue?
A: I have no idea why ppl think I do major snes repairs, I never have and have never done a vid about more than simple stuff for snes repair, but I get this question a lot. It’s usually one of the main chips on the mobo, not an easy fix and usually cheaper to just buy a working console…

Q: Do you have a spare part for **** console? I need it to fix mine.
A: No, I don’t sell parts, I keep them for repairs on my consoles, sorry…

Q: Is this FAQ up to date?
A: Yes, ppl actually ask me this, but YES it’s up to date!

Q: Why did you ignore my email or just reply with a link to this page?
A: Most likely because your question was answered here. Sorry, but I get a lot of the same questions or ‘help me’ requests for stuff i’ve already covered in YouTube vids and no one pays me to just answer emails… Hope you understand!


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