Pre-Order Details

We are doing a pre-order system for kits as the first sale of only 200 hi-def nes kits was a disaster, too much traffic and the site was down for most ppl. Hopefully, this will eliminate that!

Simply order as many kits and options as you want, you will be required to pay in full when you put in an order, you’ll be given an order number, and I will update the main page of the website and tweet when batch orders are about to be made and when they come in etc.

We will order large batches of kits as needed. It can take 2-4 months to get the order in from china after they are ordered and a week or two for us to program, test, and pack the kits once they arrive. It depends a lot on component availability and of course chinese new year…

If you want to also order items that are in stock along with these kits which are not usually in stock, please leave a note that it’s ok to ship in stock items when kits come in, or email me to get your in stock items shipped separately, or just make a separate order for the in stock vs pre order items.

Hi-Def NES: Sales on hold until Kevtris is finished with his project which is taking priority.
You can sign up for an email alert that will tell you when it’s back in stock.

UltraHDMI: Pre order started Oct 10 and ended Nov 1, quantity of 400. Marshall hasn’t given much in the way of updates since then, but says the fab got the funds and assumes they are being made, that’s not very concrete, but it’s all i’ve been told.

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