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REXUS NEXUS’ 12v power supply for all N64 Power Bricks



Rear cover production is on-going, but as soon as we catch up on orders we’re out again!
Latest batch backorder starts at 15212, hope to fulfil within 2 weeks. I will ship orders as I get parts in. (11/1/23)

REXUS NEXUS designed the ReN64 PSU, a 12v power supply that works with all N64 consoles and power bricks (and likely all aftermarket).

Newest design no longer uses the connector inside the original power brick that connects to the console.
It’s already installed on this rev so all you have to do is plug it in to the console!

Optional clear rear cover makes this a simple click in to place upgrade!

You will need a 12v AC/DC adapter with 5.5×2.1mm barrel size positive center tip and you’re good to go!
I recommend this one – LINK
The jack is deeper than normal to accommodate mounting to the thick OEM brick housing.
This means you may need to trim back some of the rubber of the plug so it will push all the way in to the jack to make good connection.

3D printed jack mount is only known to work on OEM PSU cases, but we will check it on some of the aftermarket units as well.

NEWEST rev ReN64 PSU install guide with FAQ

OLD rev Re64 PSU instructions


2 reviews for ReN64 PSU
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  1. jgilmore810 (verified owner)

    Fantastic PSU replacement. The N64 brick is old and inefficient. This provides clean and efficient power and is easy to assemble. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone who plays on original hardware.

    TIP: If you’re not getting power after putting everything together, try cutting some of the plastic off of the plug of the power adapter to make the barrel a little longer. Mine was not making a connection without this small modification to the power adapter.

  2. aaron.jones.dc

    Question: Should I get this?

    Answer: Yep!

    I bought the old revision (and it works great), but the new revision looks very encouraging as well!

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