Hi-Def NES upgrade kit – 1080p for your NES!!!

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1080p HDMI for your NES Front Loader, Top Loader, or AV Famicom!


Height Def NES NoCutMod kits are made to order so it will add 2-3 weeks to your order!!!!

I talked Kevtris in to making us an HDMI upgrade kit for the nes and av fami consoles.

Initial announcement video:
Hi-Def NES – Kevtris’s 1080p HDMI upgrade kit is here!

There are a lot more vids, just check our channels. Kevtris Game-Tech
There are also links to the forums threads in the description of the announcement video, this is the best way to see updates as links to new vids will be posted there as well.

Not a clone system!
Uses the nintendo’s cpu and ppu.
Fully HDMI standards compliant, tested with an HDMI analyzer.

No frame buffer so NO LAG between controller and monitor.

Using ntsc cpu/ppu: 480p, 720p, 1080p
Using pal cpu/ppu: 567p, 720p, 1080p
Kit will auto detect which chips it’s connected to.
EDID will allow only as high a res as the monitor will handle, but there is the option to turn it off and force higher res.

Aspect ratio will be user adjustable in the menu, seen as horizontal stretch in the menu.

Multiple palettes and a black & white mode will be user select-able in the menu.

Over clocking with hot keys with option to have it not mess up the sound pitch by following ppu clock instead of cpu.

User can reconfigure all hot keys.

Hot keys can be set to be read on either controller 1 or 2.

Long and short console reset via controller hot keys.

Updating firmware will be done via an “.nes” file, via flashcart etc, if necessary.
No need to send the console or board back to me or the installer for updates!

All audio is generated in the kit, so it will be %100 digital and theoretically noise free.
User will be able to control each audio source volume independently.
User will be able to pan between left and right output of each source independently.
All expansion audio chips are programmed in to the kit, simply turn the one you need on or off.
The cart or rom you’re playing does not need the actual hardware for this to work! VID LINK

7 scaling options are included:
Main scaling menu has: HQ2X, HQ3X, HQ4X, scale 2X, and scale 3X.
Plus a bonus x-ray mode.
In 1080p60 height sub menu there is also 4x and 4.5x.
(added later and couldn’t be placed in same ares)

Several scanlines options: none, nes, 2x, 3x, 4x, and 5x.
4x scaling mode helps with even scanlines.

Easy install if you have proper tools!
Desolder the cpu and ppu, add a couple wires for power, and cut out a hole using the print out template shown in the install instructions.

Tested and working with some known problem carts, multi carts, powerpak, and everdrive.

Guaranteed compatible with E, G, and H rev NTSC cpu and ppu only.
This is another reason the kit will not work in the original famicom, those usually have chip revs that cause issues.
Tested and working with PAL cpu and ppu no rev and A rev.

Installation not included, but here is a list of kit installers I trust to do a great job for you!

Here are the installation guides I put together.

A couple reviews of the Hi-Def NES kit have been posted online:




Unfortunately we are only hobbyist, not wal-mart, so we cannot warranty the kit unless it has been installed by one of the approved installers listed above.
We do test each kit fully though, so we can guarantee it worked fine when shipped.
We can’t control things like ESD and bad assembly work practices.
We can do repair work, just not for free.

Terminology of the parts of the kits

Hi-Def NES FAQs page

Hi-Def NES Troubleshooting guide



39 reviews for Hi-Def NES upgrade kit – 1080p for your NES!!!

  1. Mark (verified owner)

    Game-Tech & Kevtris thanks so much for creating this kit, it looks amazing! Can’t wait to get more!

  2. Christopher (verified owner)

    This masterpiece is a must own. Being able to play an original front loader on a new TV with beautiful picture and responsive controls is fantatic. Almost 2 years on the waiting and worth the wait. Invest your money into the future of your console.

  3. thefrenchman (verified owner)

    Hi-Def NES is a miracle of technology. It not only fives the best results for playing your original NES on an HD display but it is relatively simple to install, if you have experience in retro console repair or any sort of modding.

    The technology brings HD image but also great audio supporting even the most advanced audio chips!

    Shipping to eastern Canada was very fast and everything was well packed! Well worth my money! Could not be more impressed.

    Compared this mod to RGB and Frame meister and also Retro USB AVS and it stands its ground as the most advanced mod!

    If you value your NES and wish to be able to play it in the future years on any TV, this is the way to go!

  4. Timothy (verified owner)

    What can I say about this kit other than it’s perfect!

    The Hi-Def NES shines with top quality components and execution. All aspects of the hardware, installation, and software interface have been clearly thought through and expertly executed. The kit is complete and the installation instructions are thorough and easy to follow – just be careful when pulling those CPU & PPU chips!

    The Hi-Def NES looks amazing in HD. The image smoothing and cropping options are great features, enabling one to adjust for personal preferences and game specific needs. I’m still adjusting to how good some of these old games look on my big screen TV. Game play is perfect.

    Finally, the various functional options the Hi-Def NES provides are a nice touch and enable many opportunities for customization. Overclock, audio settings, PPU clock for sound, reset system from controller, etc.

    Thank you to Game-Tech and Kevtris for creating and distributing this kit. It has revitalized my NES and is a joy to play.

  5. rangergreen235 (verified owner)

    I bought one of the first batch kits and had it installed by an approved installer. I couldn’t be happier with the product, the picture looks beautiful and the audio sounds great. I use the overclocking and reboot hotkeys way more often than I expected.

    I was also just as happy with installer Michael Smith’s work, his work well exceeded my expectations and I will use him whenever possible for future console mods.

  6. jim.quijano (verified owner)

    This mod is nothing short of amazing! I’ve falling in love with my 30 year old beloved NES console once again! It is truly a sight to be seen in person and no video does it justice really. To be able to play Lagrange Point on my NES in high definition with all the glorious sounds of the VRC7 chip is incredible in itself. Thanks to Kevtris and Game-tech for making this possible. Now if only they made a Hi-def SNES for my Super Nintendo it would be a dream come true…

  7. jtrosa (verified owner)

    Recently got my modded system back from my modder. Of course I knew what to expect. I had seen so many screenshots and videos.

    Here’s the thing. It didn’t matter what I thought I expected. Seeing the sharpness and clarity of color in person was something I was completely unprepared for. It was exemplary.

    I am thrilled to be able to introduce my son to the games I grew up with. The service provided by Game-Tech. The hours of testing and building and designing. They have resulted in something truly special and I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to everyone involved.

  8. Stephen (verified owner)

    Just received and installed my hi def nes kit. It works amazing and has all my friends want me to install the kit in their systems. Kevtris and Jason should be very proud of their hard work. Thank you!!!

  9. importrendz (verified owner)

    Can not express in words how much I love this thing. The GREATEST thing to ever happen to an NES. This will make every one of your friends jealous. Quality beats the best emulator and spanks the Retron 5. Don’t be a software thief. Play the real thing, but with all the benefits of emulating through PC.

  10. ALI (verified owner)

    I’m Ali From An Najaf, Iraq
    Thank you very much i got my order and its very good.

  11. Jason (verified owner)

    Modded my NES last weekend and things went great. Most of the time (maybe an hour or two) was spent desoldering the CPU/PPU. Used solder wick to get most pins free, then hot air to free the remaining pins (mostly pins that were connected to ground planes). Just took it slow and easy, since I didn’t want to ruin either the PCB or ICs. The actual soldering up of the kit was painless and went quite fast. I ended up making the HDMI hole a bit too large. I had expected the board to slide into the post, but in reality it is pretty much just straight back.

    The product functions great. The picture is crisp (I prefer the look of the scaler off) and lag is non-existent. It is really exciting that my daughter will grow up with a console that plays the same games I played when I was a kid.

    Many thanks on the great product!

  12. David (verified owner)

    Wonderful modernization of a classic platform! Not quite plug and play, but whether you’re good with a soldering iron, or rely on a buddy who is, it’s worth every penny. Mad props, to Game-Tech and Kevtris, for the innovation and commissioning of a wonderful distraction!

  13. leo.breslin.1997 (verified owner)

    If your looking for the true HD NES experience this is the way to go, Thank you Jason and Kevin.

  14. Jose (verified owner)

    The Hi-Def NES upgrade kit is a great, nicely designed and easy to install solution(You still need some good soldering skills). Jason made a great installed guide and Kevin is the master mind behind the kit. Thanks for your hard work!

  15. John (verified owner)

    This kit is the real deal. Truly mind blowing. I doubt we’ll see anything in the future to top this for the NES. Thank you Kevtris for an awesome mod and thank you to Jason for the install guides and getting it out to everybody!

  16. iksanimation (verified owner)

    This kit is brilliant, and the end results are absolutely stunning (every person I have shown it to has been blown away). It truly breathes new life into the entire NES library like nothing before and Jason was quick to respond to all of my questions. I really can’t recommend this kit enough, if you are truly serious about collecting for the NES, you must have a Hi-Def NES. Thank you again, Kevin and Jason 🙂 what you have contributed to the (NES) gaming community cannot be put into words.

  17. michaelcurtes (verified owner)

    Absolutely awesome. I’ve got it in an AV Famicom, and am loving playing both carts and FDS disks, all in 1080p. It’s beautiful. And I love the option to pan the audio channels independently, which creates a pseudo-stereo sound.

    Highly recommended!

  18. Richard (verified owner)

    The HighDEF NES kit, a Hakko 808 desoldering gun, and my old Top Loader NES have got me laughing at people scrambling for an NES Classic Mini!
    I have the TRUE CLASSIC!!! Hahahaha!

    Seriously, this system is the most incredible thing I’ve seen come from he retro game modding scene!
    There are not enough exclamation marks to describe how incredible this thing is!!!!!!11one

    Installation was easy, but that was also helped out by my having a proper desoldering gun. I can’t gauge how difficult desoldering the CPU and PPU would be without a desoldering tool. A Sold-a-pult should do the job just fine, but it’ll take time. With my Hakko 808… Desoldering was done in merely several minutes (it will take longer with other methods). Modding the case to allow the HDMI port to stick through was easy, and only took and x-acto knife and some patience. A file works well for final trimming. The installation was BEYOND simple!

    As for the results… Incredible! The high quality upscales in this thing rival the upscaling done by quality emulators, yet the feat is performed with exceptionally minimal lag introduced, and in full 1080p over HDMI, to your digital TV! If blocky pixels are your thing, this kit can create the sharpest edged square pixels possible. I can’t state enough just how perfect the image is. If scanlines are your thing, this kit can do that too! Other features include controller operated under and overclocking and a variety of other video and audio settings.

    Speaking of video, I recall reading that in it’s most efficient video mode, the lag is something like only 7 scanlines… That’s insane! Basically, this kit doesn’t generate a traditional frame buffer. As I understand it, it generates the HDMI data stream “on the fly”, as pixel data comes in from the NES, through the interposers, and to the main mod board. I think that’s just 1/9257th of a second of lag. That’s crazy good! Good enough to basically just say… There’s no lag!

    If you only ever buy ONE mod in your life… Make it THIS mod! It’s TRULY that great!

  19. Nicholas (verified owner)

    Thank you Game-Tech and Kevtris for a fantastic product. I was able to mod my -001 easily, and the results are stunning. The kit was shipped quickly, the product was thoughtfully packaged, and the installation guide made the modification painless (proper tools for the job also helped). Ready to place an order for my AV Famicom for the High-Def Disk System experience. Thanks again for all of your hard work!

  20. Ronald (verified owner)

    I seen another reviewer above state that they were “unprepared for” the results. I find this statement to be true.
    Truly BREATHTAKING! I can’t believe how great it looks. Looks better than filtering the AV signal thru my Framemeister.
    I feel like I want to replay everything I ever played from my youth. Even this morning, the day after I installed it, I booted a game just to watch its attract move while I ate breakfast. It’s just wonderful.

    Having a quality solder sucker is a must. You could probably get away with using solder wick but of course it would be more time consuming.

  21. phartbarger

    If you are a NES fan, there is only one choice– upgrade it with Hi-Def NES. This results from this kit left me speechless so I’m glad this is a written review. The hardware is excellent and the supporting install guides and videos are first rate. Thanks to Kevtris and Game-Tech. Jason at Game-Tech responded to an email on a related question quickly and was very helpful

    I’m a little above beginner in soldering skills and this was the first time to remove larger chips from PCB. Removal was a little challenging for me so I suggest getting at least a simple desoldering iron if you’re gonna go the DIY route. All other upgrade steps are simple.

    In the end it’s all about the results. You will not be disappointed.

  22. Aristotelis (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the Hi-Def NES kit. If anything the videos are underselling how great of an improvement it is.

  23. Robert (verified owner)

    The NES Hi-Def kit is absolutely amazing. I was honestly blown away by all the different options, and to be given the opportunity to use this on new age televisions is a dream come true for old school gamers. If you have a desoldering iron, this mod is very easy to complete as well. Thank you Jason and Kevtris for givIng this product to all of us.

  24. daniel.harris.porter (verified owner)

    TLDR: Do NOT use cheap chinese ac adapters with your NES and this board!
    Fried my first board this way. First, the console and everdrive were insanely hot. Then the graphics began glitching. Then, the controllers began seizing up. Finally, the unit refused to power back on with unresponsive LED. This happened all within about 5 hours of initial install and power-up.

    The NES console with discrete through-hole components can handle the abuse of cut-rate, chinese workmanship, but kevtris’ hi def NES board has a smaller form-factor with modern ICs and smd mounted components that are ultimately more sensitive. I was beginning to see graphics glitching on my second board before I stopped everything and dug up an HVC-002 Nintendo / Daigen 91-28655 ac adapter.

    Since replacing the ac adapter, I can finally experience the quality of this product. Really is a jaw dropping experience!

    Installation was a breeze! Only a few wires to solder. For desoldering the ppu/cpu, I used a cheap $12 desoldering iron/bulb, but I held the board at 90 degrees when heating so that the solder was less likely to fall further down into the via. To be safe I did a slow-count to 10 on each pin before sucking solder. I then wiggled each pin free of any solder remnant, individually, with a pair of tweezers. I pried the chips up, starting it with flathead, but continuing with the handle of the tweezers. This afforded a spring-tension and the edges of the tweezers handle are more rounded which decreased the chance Id cut traces when digging under the chips (sorry, ordering a chip puller now off aliexpress!).

  25. Nicholas Odle (verified owner)

    Love this. I have a retron 5 so I had a way to play the games to hdmi, but anyone that has played games on the retron for a while can tell you that they just don’t play like they do on the original hardware. As soon as I saw this I knew I had to get it. Installed on AV famicom and on a front loader. Picture is amazing and playing it on the original hardware makes me feel like a kid again. Both installs where very straight forward and the directions are top notch and to the point… provided you read them correctly. I overlooked a section about the AV fami caps and emailed thinking I was sent the wrong parts. Jason was quick to reply and point me in the direction of what I missed.

    My only complaint was the lack of templates for cutting the hdmi holes included with the parts. They do have the templates on the site but I didn’t get the first one printed right and ended up with a bit more gap around the hdmi on my av famicom than I would like. Not bad, just not perfect. Just make sure the template you print matches up before you start making your cuts.

    Template aside it’s still a fantastic product and worth the five stars.

  26. Chris McGough (verified owner)

    Fantastic product. I didn’t use a vacuume desoldering gun and can see why they are much preferable but never the less I bought a cheap (10$) duratool electric desolder pump which surprisingly did work out for me . Little disclaimer I had never done any desoldering / soldering work before and got this mod done / fully working in a few hours carefully taking my time not to mess anything up reading the instructions online! I’m sure a more experienced person can get it done in a lot less time. For newbies like myself I would exclaim that the most important step of the whole process has to be pulling the cpu / ppu and making sure you desolder the legs very well ensuring all the legs are free before pulling!

    Product packaged well. Cost is reasonable ( you’re getting a fgpa chip and pcb with hdmi specifically crafted for your nes ! Appreciate the work gone into this it’s no small order and I can’t imagine paying less ) . Hdmi kit works perfectly as expected with crystal clear output on all different hdtvs I’ve thrown at it. Will recommend and buy more. Thank you Kevin and Jason !

  27. Eric (verified owner)

    Installed my kit yesterday on my front loading toaster and what can I say that hasn’t been said? It’s tear jerkingly beautiful. The pixels look like they’ve been cut from stained glass. I used desoldering braid and let me tell you, after about four hours of CAREFULLY sucking solder out of pin sockets I would happily buy the Hakko 808 if I were to attempt this again.

    One quick note to help others out who run into the same problem:

    My NES controllers would slowly become unresponsive after powering the unit on. Sure enough, after opening up the system and removing the PPU I found that the capacitor that you have to bend out of the way had a cracked solder joint (My capacitor had exceptionally short legs making bending the cap to the side a risky proposition) . I made sure to touch up the pads on both the top and bottom of the board and it fixed my problem just fine.

  28. Justin Darner (verified owner)

    The quality of video on hidef nes: wow, just wow. It’s a clear winner. The output is the most perfect quality I have seen from a Nintendo. I will be buying more so I can upgrade some of my friends systems.

  29. Manuel Charisius (verified owner)

    First of all, the well-packaged Hi-Def NES & cap kits arrived safe and sound, and after a bit of mod work everything worked straightaway. 😀

    Summary: I’ve been truly blown away by the Hi-Def NES’s picture and sound quality ever since I powered up my powered-up Hi-Def NES for the first time <3

    After some thoroughly playing around, here are my current favorite settings for reference (tested with both my run-down Samsung UE40C6000 and my beloved, soundbar-equipped Loewe Individual Selection 40 DR+):

    Resolution: 1080p
    Horizontal stretch: 5x / 500 width
    Scaling: None
    Scanlines: NES, depth 20
    Palette: RGBSRC NESCAP
    Cropping: All 0
    1080p60 height: 4x

    So these are the pros.

    On to the cons …

    With the Hi-Def NES installed, the screen may go black (and at the same time sound skips out) for a split second, and then the game continues as if nothing ever happened. Only after bringing this up by e-mail *twice* did Jason tell me this was a known issue.

    Well, that's okay … or is it?

    The casual yet passionate gamer I am, I've been irritated every single time I was about to complete a Tetris, only to be faced with a frozen screen and skipping music. As a 16-bit software developer myself, I can't see why by any means this known issue was left in (but isn't mentioned on the sales/FAQ page of) the final product.

    Another thing worth mentioning: With the Hi-Def NES kit installed, there's a ~1 sec delay (gray screen) upon power-up EVEN IF your console is hooked up via AV/RF.

    Annoying as it is for gamers used to turn on their NES and start playing – why the developers/retailers never mention it on their FAQ/sales page is a complete mystery to me.


    Awesome product is awesome. Awesome distributor gives a f*** uhm is sloppy (sorry Jason).

    Still – this product is the way to go if you don't want to be ignored (like AVS owners, or Retro USB clients, for that matter ^^ 😀 )

  30. Daisuke Yamamoto (verified owner)

    Thank you for the best items!I installed it on Twin Famicom.

  31. jdcruson (verified owner)

    I ordered the HiDef NES kit knowing it would be great to bring my old system up to speed with todays’ standards. But that didnt prepare me for my reaction the moment I turned it on. My kit showed up in the mail and I eagerly checked the contents. The quality of the hardware was solid. I was impressed the moment I opened the package. I felt like a kid getting a new toy. A couple late nights after work and the kit was installed. I disconnected my Analogue Super NT to rob the HDMI cable and input for a test run. I turned it on and, ….. Wow. The clarity, the colors, the lack of noise. Every pixel was intentional and was there because it was suppose to be. Wasnt till the following day when I found out about the menu options and the scaling was the icing on top. I never saw 8 bit look so good. I highly recommend this kit to anyone who loves their console and wants it to follow them to the next generation of standards.

  32. jacobf0303 (verified owner)

    Is 6 stars an option?
    The image looks AMAZING! in my opinion, at 1080p it looks better than emulation, the Hi-Def NES board does get a little warm but that shouldn’t be an issue.

    I had my console modded by Will from retrohacks.net and he did an absolutely fantastic job, great customer support, great communication and very professional.

  33. nikitis (verified owner)

    I installed mine and it is not working. I plugged in the RF unit and can see the game is running but colors are blackened. Sprits are in order, so I don’t think it’s the CPU/PPU. HDMI doesn’t turn on at all and flashes orange. Cannot find out where the diagnostic information is for the HiDef board.

    Anyway to get some assistance?

  34. nikitis (verified owner)

    Correction, the device works fine. I had an issue with the HDMI port. Game-Tech was good about it and helped me figure it out. I soaked cleaned the port with alcohol and I slightly tilted the board 2mm high in the back to give a very slight angle so the weight of the cable will ensure to make contact with the pins, now it works wonderfully every time and am enjoying playing Zelda in Hi Def 1080p! Colors and Audio are amazing! Looks good native on a 4k Screen as the pixels are sharp if anyone is wondering, and you cannot tell the difference at all.

  35. Revo Emag (verified owner)

    Just did my install and all I can say is this is awesome AF! Install in a top loader with HeightDef NES parts was is fairly straightforward and took a few hours taking my time, since it’s the first time I’ve done this mod. It’s also cool that you can leave the old RF video intact for those times you really want to break out the CRT and Zapper!

  36. Steven Ferenc (verified owner)

    Just finished installing the HDMI kit to my Nintendo NES and its fantastic. Thank you.

  37. illzeeski (verified owner)

    Fairly simple install, works great, looks great. Seems too quiet on the firmware maintenance with the last update more than 3 years ago.

  38. johnecker (verified owner)

    Just did this on my original front loader a few weeks ago! I did botch part of the install but Jason sent me the spare parts quickly and set me back down the right path, follow the instructions carefully! We love our beautiful pixels! Outstanding product, outstanding customer service!

  39. Igor Volkov (verified owner)

    I installed the Hi-Def NES kit in to my AV Famicom. Awesome result !!! Many thanks.

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