GCDual the GameCube 240p/480p HDMI Internal upgrade kit

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This is a semi-short pre order setup, orders from today (5/25) onward are due to ship LATE JUNE.

Citrus3000psi (Dan Kunz) has reworked the GCvideo open source project to make it easier to install and look nicer once done!

GCDual is an internal modification designed to run GC-Video 3.1 by Ingo Korb
Made for the DOL-001 Gamecube only, does not work on DOL-101!
Simultaneous HDMI & Analog Output!
Digital Port is NOT removed and is fully functional!
It can output 240p/480i/480p in all video modes.
240p/480i and can be line doubled to display 480p.
The analog portion supports the following outputs: RGBS/RGBHV/RGsB/YPbPr.
Composite sync can output TTL or attenuated levels depending on the jumper state of JP2.
RGBS Scart cables can easily be setup to use a CSYNC cable or Composite Video Sync cable.
There currently is no good “off the shelf” solution for VGA.
For YPbPr there is an adapter to allow you to use a Wii component cable.

If you would like to know more about the features available with GC-Video (Like the On screen display, etc) Please checkout Ingo Korb github, https://github.com/ikorb/gcvideo

GC-Video also carries this license: https://github.com/ikorb/gcvideo/blob/master/README.md

This ready to install kit that includes everything you need besides basic tools.
A list of tools needed is listed in the install instructions.
Each kit is thoroughly tested before being packaged and sent out.
Installation is difficult! Unless you are a proficient modder seek professional installation.
We cannot be held responsible for damage to any kit unless installed by one of our referral list modders.

Installation Instructions: GCDual Install Guide

QSB Jumper Guide: GCDual Jumpers Guide

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