Turbo Duo PC Engine region switch – fits all NEC consoles

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Region switch for all NEC consoles.
Use the TG16 only kit for the tg16 console, it’s a bit easier to install.

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This is most likely the world’s easiest region switch for NEC consoles other than the US tg16, use my other kit for that, even easier!
Tested and working on PCengine: white, core grafx, duo(JP and USA), and supergrafx consoles.

Useful for using arcade system cards on your US system since the Jap versions are cheaper and the tennokoe bank game save card which didn’t have a US version, but also simply for playing carts of a different region than your console accepts: Jap Hu on USA consoles and USA hu on Jap consoles.

The older TurboEverdrive wasn’t working on the white pce and coregrafx.
It turned out to be a problem with the TEDs, newer 2.x TEDs work fine with this kit!

I have tried to install one in the turbo express and it will not fit, but there is a switchless version of this mod that could be a better choice for the NEC portables. Stay tuned.

Warning, the pc engine consoles need pin 29 of the Hu6280 chip grounded.
Watch my vids about this, some are easier than others to ground!

This is not for beginners, at least an intermediate level of skill is necessary!

The only thing you need to supply is the legs, I use legs I cut from capacitors and resistors, but you could just use bare wire.
Watch the install vid to see what I mean.

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Board only, Board, switch, and wire

3 reviews for Turbo Duo PC Engine region switch – fits all NEC consoles

  1. Mark (verified owner)

    This is a very well designed board and installs cleanly.
    So far it works great on my SuperGrafx and now because of uprading to this board from a different region mod my v2.5 turbo everdrive now works with my supergrafx!
    Prior to this mod board I could only use my v1.3 turbo everdrive with my supergrafx.
    I have tested HU Cards, Turbo Chips and SuperGrafx games….so far so good! Thank you for making this modchip!

  2. stuhr (verified owner)

    This is by far the best way to region mod out there. Well designed and easy to self-install in just a few minutes if your soldering skills are up to it. I’d also second the idea that you should do this only AFTER you re-cap your system (US Turbo Duo in my case) since it will partly obstruct access to 1 of the caps. It works perfectly on all my US and JP HuCard games, Arcade Card, and Tennokoe Bank card.

  3. kbanks64 (verified owner)

    This little card trivialized this mod to such an extent I recommend it to anyone wanting to mod ANY version of the PC Engine/Turbografx. Being able to just slip the cut pins into the holes after some clean cuts made the job far cleaner with almost no risk of running a signal too long or with improper wire gauge. In my case, I made my cuts a little further up the pins and reused them to link the adapter board up to the cart’s PCB. It had to rest at a slight angle due to the original PC Engine’s rather stiff ribbon cable connecting the two pieces, but otherwise went incredibly smooth. I reused the switch inside the RF unit on the board as the existing switch was just too thick to fit through the existing “Channel select” slot, but once done the rest of the process was easy and resulted in a perfect “no case cut” mod. With the “converter” carts out there no longer being produced and rather expensive to find, this is the ideal way to region mod the system.

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