the new Vectrex
Flash Cart!!!


3D printed shell and pcb only included.
No ROMs included.

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Warning! This project is still under development!
However this is a fully operational version.

Vextreme is an Open-Source Vectrex Flash Cart

16MB of internal storage – most games are 4-8kb for Vectrex so 2-4 THOUSAND games can fit inside!
There is however one ROM out there that is a full 10MB, most other carts cannot play this game but the Vextreme can!
It’s called Bad Apple, it’s just a demo, but it will blow your mind that the Vectrex can run this at all!
Supports the bank switching mechanism used by some homebrew.

No ROMs will be included on this cart however due to legal reasons!

Operation is simple: Connect via USB to any device (computer, phone, etc) and the cart is detected as a USB thumb drive. Then simply copy games to it. The games list is read internally and its menu is automatically generated like users have come to expect from modern flash-carts like EverDrives.

OpenSource project by Technobly and Rattboi:

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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 2 in
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