Bally Astrocade UltiMulti by GaMBITS


Every game ever made for the Bally Astrocade on 1 cart!

This will be a pre order, but carts are being made now, so wait time will be minimal.


All original games released for the Bally can be played directly from this cart.
Over 160 games and programs!
There are also 6 programs designed by Ken Lill that have never been released to public domain and won’t be found on other multicarts.

A better view of the list of games can be found at this LINK
Printout of this list is included!

DON’T FORGET – Some of these games cannot be played without the RAM expansion (LWR, or Lil’ WHITE RAM).

I believe latest instruction book for the UltiMulti is still version 1.5.1. LINK

Simple rocker switches provide access to all the included games.
Printout is also a cheat sheet for these switches.

Additional information

Weight 0.3 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 2 × .3 in

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