Console upgrade kits

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  • Hi-Def NES upgrade kit – 1080p for your NES!!!

    From: $145.00 Select options
  • UltraHDMI upgrade kit – 1080p for your N64!

    From: $165.00 Read More
  • Woozle’s GBA Consolizer kit

    From: $140.00 Select options
  • Turbo Duo PC Engine region switch – fits all NEC consoles

    $19.95$21.95 Select options
  • TG-16 Region Switch

    $19.95$21.95 Select options
  • GCDual the GameCube 480p HDMI Internal upgrade kit

    From: $124.99 Read More
  • Height-Def NES the #NoCutMod for Hi-Def NES

    $25.00 Select options
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