GBA Consolizer kit Full case version

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This is NOT a PRE ORDER!!!
Quantity is limited so that I can sell of remaining full case prints!
So each order is a case and kit, there is no kit only sales this round, but buy as many as you like!

Base kit comes with all hardware need to assemble a full case version if you are 3D printing your own case.
Main board, power pcb, power switch, custom flex panel (40/32 adapter and CPU flex), 40pin ffc, rubber feet, and snes connector.

The new custom flex panel includes a 40 to 32 pin adapter, no need to buy it separately any more!
It also should reduce install time as the CPU adapter flex eliminates the need to use Kynar to wire pads to the breakout pcb, also no longer needed!
However this may increase the solder skill level required, video coming asap!
Keep this in mind and have a trusted modder on stand-by if you decide you cannot solder this part.
I maintain a list of people I trust to do good work here: MODDERS LIST!

You will need to provide:
A GameBoy Advance console to use as a donor.
3 wires for the power pcb
The power pcb does have a spot for a resistor and LED, if you want it to light up the power switch cap you will have to provide these parts on your own.

Consolizer kit for Game Boy Advance AGB-001*

  • Fine-tuned video output
    • 720p digital video output**
    • GBA video at 60 Hz Vsync, absolutely no stutter or screen tearing!
    • Direct digital 4:4:4 RGB video from GBA
    • 4x scale for GBA games, letterboxed in 1280×720 frame
    • 5x scale for GB/GBC games, fills screen vertically with pillar boxes on side
  • Low input lag.
  • Direct digital audio sent over DVI+ at 48 KHz
  • On Screen Display (OSD) menu accessible by pushing select + down, featuring:
    • Adjustable strength scan lines and grid lines
    • 32+ Game Boy color palettes, adjustable in game (PICS HERE)
    • Gamma/color correction provided via Shader menu option (PICS HERE)
    • Store user video settings in flash memory
  • Controller support
    • Wired SNES controller
    • Compatible with 8Bitdo Retro Receiver for use with:
      • 8Bitdo wireless SNES controller
      • Wii U Pro controller
      • Switch Pro controller
  • Full consolization conversion
  • USB powers kit and GBA mobo, under 500 mA current draw. Can be powered from TV USB port.

Side by side comparison of GameBoy Player Composite and Consolizer DVI+ pics HERE!

*Note: Some displays don’t like the DVI+ output, DVI Tx mode is available as a fall back option. The kit ships with DVI enabled by default for maximum compatibility.

GameTechUS GBAConsolizer playlist

Woozle’s videos

Bob of RetroRGB’s preview video

MetalJesusRocks review vid

MadLittelPixel review vid

Jeremy Parish stream/review vid

Installation is not included, but I maintain a list of people I trust to do good work here: MODDERS LIST!

You need to provide your own GameBoy Advance console or motherboard to use with this kit, we do not provide it.

Second pic  gives you an idea of what’s included with your purchase.

GBAConsolizer User Manual
GBAConsolizer Installation Guides
GBAConsolizer kits’ parts Terminology
GBAConsolizer FAQ
GBAConsolizer Troubleshooting guide
GBAConsolizer known problem devices


Unfortunately we are only hobbyist, not wal-mart, so we cannot warranty the kit unless it has been installed by one of the approved installers listed above.
We do test each kit fully though, so we can guarantee it worked fine when shipped.
We can’t control things like ESD and bad upgrade practices.
We can do repair work, just not for free.

Links to articles about the GBAConsolizer:

Gizmodo’s lacking article article

6 reviews for GBA Consolizer kit Full case version

  1. gregory terry

    This was my first mod ever and it was easy to install. I watched Jason’s and Voultar’s videos on this as well as bought all of Voultar’s recommended soldering equipment through his Amazon affiliate link. This included a $40 soldering station that worked really well and accepts T12 tips. It is an expensive risk to do this yourself, but the effort was worth it to me, and now I have the confidence to take on other projects. The kit took approximately 6 months to arrive, which was expected as it was a PRE-ORDER, which was fine. The mod itself is just great. The video output is perfect 720p virtually lag free. The only bummer is the audio through DVI+ is optional because many TVs don’t accept this DVI + mode, so you might have to use the headphone jack (the audio quality will be absolutely the same! so not a total loss – just potentially annoying). Luckily my main TV does work in DVI + mode, so no worries there. This is my preferred way to play GBA games now, the experience is only equal to a Gamecube with GBA player and CUSTOM SOFTWARE – Nintendo’s stock settings for GBA player is TERRIBLE. I prefer the GBA Consolizer mainly because I have no interest in the Game Cube or it’s controller options. The GBA consolizer will use just about anything that has a SNES style connector. I use a couple different 8bitdo controllers with 8bitdo receivers. Overall I’m super happy with the purchase and I’ve been playing GBA games pretty much everyday since.

  2. cshippen

    I ordered a fully assembled kit which took quite a while to receive as parts were printed/manufactured. This was of course expected due to the nature of the pre-order. It finally arrived and I’m pretty thrilled with the quality. The assembled unit looks great and feels solidly put together.

    Of course the most important aspect is that it does exactly as advertised. I quickly got my childhood GB, GBC, GBA games running. I hit a minor early snag because my switch was not cooperating with DVI+ being disabled (this was by default) but this was resolved by enabling DVI+ mode. After that it ran perfectly. Games look and sound great, I experienced no noticeable lag and being able to just sit at a TV and play these games has made them hugely more appealing. I have messed with the Gamecube Gameboy Player along with custom software but that was always cumbersome at best. This is plug and play, small footprint and more easily compatible with a variety of controllers using one of the 8bitdo retro receivers.

    I highly recommend this for any fan of the GB family of devices.

  3. Revo Emag

    Finally! Got my kit this week and did the install. Works great and it the install was really pretty straightforward and not terribly difficult at all. The new case design is pretty nice and has a pretty decent appearance for being a 3D printed part. Video performance is awesome and is sharp as a tack. Way better visually than a standard GBA Player on a DOL-001 Gamecube with the component cable. Sound over HDMI (if you can use DVI+ mode only) is good and also eliminates having to hook up another cable to the headphone jack on the GBA. Right now this is the best way to enjoy GBA games, as well as GB/GBC games, in my opinion.

  4. jrodxrod

    The wait was worth it! I was initially skeptical of this mod as I didn’t quite care for the original 3D printed case design or the fact that I had to breakdown my OG GBA for the main-board. When I saw the case redesign I felt much better about what the end result would look like.
    I decided to do the mod myself as I had successfully installed the Ultra-HDMI and the DCHDMI and I felt that my soldering skills were getting pretty good. The installation process was pretty straight forward thanks to the clearly labeled break-out board and reference photos on Game-tech’s website. Voultar’s and Game-tech’s installation videos on YouTube are also VERY helpful. I did have issues with the removal of the oscillator clock though. I used a hot-air station to remove it but due to the clocks close proximity to a row of resistors I pulled the oscillator off to early/forcefully causing the pads underneath to come off the main-board. Thankfully Game-tech was able to provide me with an alternative solder point for the clock.
    Once the unit was assembled and hooked up I was overjoyed with the video quality. I really love the grid scanlines that emulate the pixels on a GBA screen. It is true that sound has to be enabled through DVI+ but watch the review of the GBA Consolizer on YouTube by My Life in Gaming to get the full lowdown of what this thing can do. It’s a really great video.
    At the end of the day, this is a fantastic product and the love and care that went into its design shows. The skill level needed to assemble it is not that bad(As long as you have the right tools) and once it’s hooked-up with an 8bit-do Bluetooth dongle and your favorite Bluetooth controller you will be in GBA heaven. I love all of these mods that bring retro gaming into the HD era. Check-out my all cooper GBAC build on Game-Tech’s twitter and feel free to share your builds too!


  5. j-man

    If you have zero prior experience to soldering, do the smart thing and ship it to a Modder to get it installed for you. I went through 3 GBAs trying to do the install myself. It won’t cost you nearly as much as the tools needed or the time spent to have someone else do it. The three stars are meant to reflect the 3 GBAs lost to this project, a warning to the unprepared.

  6. Gerardo Camarena (verified owner)

    Be sure you are experienced at soldering before you attempt this mod. The kit is high quality and I love it! I ordered two of them and because of how supplies for everything are just short everywhere, it took 8 months or so to receive. Jason was very prompt and professional at updating me on what was going on when I bugged him with questions since I had never ordered from Game-Tech USA before. So in closing, if you want this mod and have the tools/experience then go for it! If you lack the tools/experience, buy it still and have a professional install it for you! Again, I can’t say enough that these kits are high quality!! Everything from woozle is high quality so rest assured you will be satisfied!

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