GBAConsolizer FAQ

  • Who created it?

Stephen Williams aka Woozle

  • Who sells it?

Jason @ Game-Tech.US

  • Having an issue?

Check the trouble shooting guide and User Manual.

  • What determines the overall cost of the kit?

The price is not set based on the cost of the raw parts alone. You need to pay to have it assembled, pay to have a store sell AND properly support the product, cover past R&D costs along with provide funding for future R&D costs.

  • How is the GBA running at 60Hz refresh?

The GBA Consolizer overclocks the GBA by a tiny amount to bring it up to 60Hz as required by the video specifications. Setting 60Hz to off returns the GBA to its stock speed and runs the video output off-spec at the exact refresh rate of the GBA.

  • What is DVI+ mode?

An extension of DVI which adds basic digital audio support. In the event that your display is incompatible with DVI+ mode, you will need to use DVI (video only) and pull audio from the GBA analog headphone jack. DVI+ audio uses a sample rate of 48KHz which doesn’t quite line up with the GBAs non-standard sampling rate. In some titles this results in clicking/popping noises in the audio output. Work is being done to improve this.

  • Does the GBA Consolizer add any input lag?

The GBA Consolizer buffers just a handful scan lines, this means it adds an insignificant amount (only a fraction of a frame) of input lag.

  • Do Flash Carts work with this kit?

Yes, the GBA is an original motherboard so anything that worked on a GBA will still work with the kit.

  • What about a GBA Consolizer with RGB output?

We’re currently focusing on creating Consolizers for other handheld gaming devices. RGB output versions will be looked into later on.

  • Can I customize the controls?

By default the SNES controller buttons correspond to equivalent buttons found on the GBA, additionally the SNES X button is mapped to the GBA B button and the SNES Y button is mapped to the GBA A button. There is also an “AB Swap” option which swaps the SNES A and B functionality as well as the X and Y functionality.

  • Why get the LCD replacement version?

To play Kirby’s Tilt n Tumble by using the GBA itself as a controller.

  • Will there be an SP version?

Yes, it’s currently being worked on.

  • What about Neo Geo Pocket Color, Game Gear, or even Nintendo DS/3DS Consolizers?

We have a ton of stuff in the works for other handhelds so keep an eye out for future Consolizer products.

  • What about 1080p output options?

We chose 720p as the output resolution since it can scale to 4K just as well as 1080p can while helping keep complexity and costs down.

  • What controllers can I use?

The GBA Consolizer comes equipped with a SNES controller port which can be used with both original SNES controllers and the 8bitdo Retro Receiver. The 8bitdo Retro Receiver works with a wide range of Bluetooth controllers such as the Nintendo Wii U and Switch Pro controllers.

  • Do I need a specific revision of the AGB-001 GBA hardware?

The GBA Consolizer works with both the 40-pin and 32-pin revisions of the AGB-001 base hardware. A ribbon adapter is required and included to install it in 32-pin GBAs.

  • Does the gba still need batteries?

No, the GBA is powered from the Consolizer kit.

  • Will Game-Tech.US be selling pre assembled systems?

Yes! Check the pre order page HERE!

  • Are there any known problem devices, ones that don’t work well with the GBAConsolizer?

Yes! I’ll start a list HERE!

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