GBAConsolizer Full Case fully assembled

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These will not be stocked, but will be made to order, so normal pre order details apply.

Clear top are taking a little longer than other variations to produce, trying to get all shipped before mid Dec!

The Full case replaces the original shell of the GameBoy Advance and is made to also house the GBAConsolizer kit.

Game-Tech will assemble and test each unit.

A 1 year warranty will cover the mod kit and workmanship only.

We cannot warranty the GBA motherboard because of it’s age, but I can track down and replace it fairly cheap if it fails.

GameBoy style power switch cap is standard.

Controller, Power, and other cords are not included.

Additional information

Weight .7 lbs
CASE options

LB Black, LB Samus, LB Smoke, LB Apple Red, LB McLaren Orange, LB PS1 light grey, LB N64 Graphite Grey, LB Fami red, LB British Racing Green, LB Deep Blue, LB Starry Night Translucent Blue, LB Diamond Black, LB Diamond Purple, SPP Black GBA, SPP White GBA, SPP Transparent Blue GBA, SPP Purple GBA, SPP Transparent Purple GBA, SPP Transparent Orange GBA, SPP Pink GBA, SPP Black Clear top, SPP White Clear top, SPP Light Blue Clear top, SPP Translucent Blue Clear top, SPP Purple Clear top, SPP Translucent Purple Clear top, SPP Translucent Orange Clear top, SPP Pink Clear top

1 review for GBAConsolizer Full Case fully assembled

  1. cryog3 (verified owner)

    The console works very well and the quality of the mod is great. Highly recommended.

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