Hi-Def NES upgraded NES-001 Front Loader console


This is for a hi-def nes upgraded front loader console only.
Condition is mostly mint, only a few spots where it’s not perfect. Lid is yellowed some.
This is still an original Nintendo so there are almost no compatibility issues with any games or accessories.
The zapper will not work on digital TVs. You can still hook it up to a crt via composite output and use the zapper.
RF output doesn’t work very well and is useless, but composite works fine, you just have to unplug the hdmi cord or change input setting on the tv.
If there is a problem with the Hi-Def NES kit I will fix or replace it for free for at least one year.
If any of the original NES components fail I cannot fix or replace them for free, but will do it for a nominal fee.
All electrolytic capacitors in the power/av box replaced as preventative maintenance.
Hi-Def kit has latest v3.01 firmware.

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The Hi-Def NES kit adds MANY features, this is not a complete list:
* Fully digital video generated with zero lag – no frame buffer
* 3 output resolutions: 480p, 720p, or 1080p.
* HQX 2,3,and4 scaling filters, simple 2x and 3x scaling, and an x-ray mode
* 7 selectable color palettes and a black and white option
* Adjustable horizontal stretch for different aspect ratios
* Adjustable top, bottom, left, and right edge cropping
* Adjustable horizontal position
* Fully digital generated audio including all expansion audio chips, no ADC
* Adjustable Stereo panning and volume level for each audio source
* Audio register viewer
* Multiple scanline options
* Menu access via controller (select + left)
* Hotkeys for long and short resets
* Hotkeys for overclocking with audio pitch fix option
* User definable hot key combinations for each option
* Console is fully powered by the Hi-Def NES kit with a cleaner more efficient supply circuit, still works with original ac adapter and similar universal supplies.
* Future firmware updates can be done by owner with a flashcart! No need to send it back to me!

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 8 x 4 in


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