GBAConsolizer Fully assembled (on hand)


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Next pre order should come soon!
I will set it up so you can pre order whatever color case you want, but I will have the rest ready so final assembly will be fast.
This means the GBA motherboard will already have the cpu flex soldered on, power switch/pcb/led etc will also be ready.

Looking for the cheaper DIY KIT? It’s LCD/FaceHugger version and Full Case version.

The Full case replaces the original shell of the GameBoy Advance and is made to also house the GBAConsolizer kit.

Jason at Game-Tech assembles and tests each unit.

A 1 year warranty will cover the mod kit and workmanship only.

We cannot warranty the GBA motherboard because of it’s age, but I can track down and replace it fairly cheap if it fails.

I will also have the 4 electrolytic capacitors on the GBA motherboard replaced for preventative maintenance.

Controller, Power, and other cords are not included.

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