GBAConsolizer Troubleshooting

First off, I hope you started with a known working GBA!!!
This is essential as trouble shooting with a dead GBA is not possible…

Next be sure it’s not just the TV or cord or switch you’re using, try a few different ones! I’ve already started a list of known problematic devices here. LINK

I will also likely ask if you have double and triple checked your connections on the breakout pcb. I have seen 3 or 4 already that were simple mistakes on what pad was soldered to corresponding pad, IE C2 on breakout was accidentally on S2 on the gba.

Also, check for bridges! I’ve also seen an easy to miss bridge on S2 to it neighbor pin and caused a weird issue with controls!

Did you solder the reset to reset? Don’t! If you did just take it off! That was going to be a fix that ended up getting put inside the fpga, so those pads are not used as stated in the written install guides, but still show up in old install vids… (less easy to edit)


No audio:

Did you turn it on in the menu?
Page 10 of the user manual:
DVI+ Mode: When enabled, the Consolizer will output a modified DVI video stream which also includes
digital 48KHz audio. As this is far from an official video specification, compatibility with TVs and capture
devices is low. If your TV is incompatible with DVI+ mode, then you should use the plain DVI mode which
is a video-only mode. When using DVI mode the headphone jack on the GBA must be used for audio.

I lifted or messed up a pad while trying to solder to it:

This is common as the pads are fragile and too much time with a hot iron on them will cause them to lift or break off the mobo.

The most common will be the crystal/clock at x1. If this one comes off you can still use the test pad left of the marking ‘CK1’ as a back up.

More of these will be added as they happen….

GB/GBC game won’t boot unless you hold it up:

This weird one was caused by the cart pins piercing the thick rainbow wire used to install the breakout pcb on the GBA mobo. 

If it doesn’t happen with any GBA games only GB/C game i’d suspect the switch that detects which is inserted, but also check the pins on the cart connector, i’ve seen many gba’s with corrosion on them from battery acid fumes (they’ll look green instead of gold).

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