Terminology of the parts of the kits

Hi-Def NES Troubleshooting guide

It says out of stock, but I want one!?!?
Sorry, out of stock means there are none for sale, asking me for one won’t make one magically appear, please just follow my twitter feed or sign up for the email stock alert on the sale page.

How do I get to the menu?
Hit Select + Left

What is the latest firmware?
HiDefNES Firmware Update V3.01.nes

How do I update firmware?
It’s shown in this video

Can I have the hi-def and nesrgb in the same console?
No, Kev says the way the nesrgb works that it will not work.

Bottom of console is hot:
You have to realize the heat you feel is because the regulator is against the bottom plastic where
before the heatsink for the regulator was in the middle of the console and didn’t touch any outside
plastic so you couldn’t feel it though it was most likely even hotter. Yes the EDN8 will draw more
power from the hi-def, more power equals more heat…

Chip enables/expansion audio:
Expansion audio settings don’t save by design for reason explained below. You should not have more than one on for a game, only nsf files can have multiple audio enables. You will hear weird sounds if multiple chips are on, certain games would cause random noises to come out as they write to mappers (Which also have the sound registers mapped there, too).
Turn them all on and play i.e. SMB3 and it should do it.

This changes the phase of the PPU relative to the CPU.

Speckles when overclocking is normal and they can’t be removed, again a timing issue.

I messed up edid, turned it off and set a resolution the monitor/tv doesn’t accept and now I can’t see anything!
Holding down select on powerup will reset the video stuff.

PPU fixes option in 2.25 update:
This fixes blaster master title screen and Bart vs. Space mutants. The option to turn it off was added in case this fix broke something else. It didn’t seem to, so it was removed in the next firmware update.

Not scrolling smoothy:
non-integer scaling will cause this

I don’t like the palettes
Kevtris didn’t write the palettes, just used what was most popular at the time, more were added to the 3.01 firmware update.

Why did you design it this way or that.
While I (Jason) had ‘some’ influence on the design, it was really Kevtris’s project.
He designed the pcb and wrote all the code.

Who set the price?
Kevtris sets it. He put hundreds of hours in to the code and still ended up doing less than the typical multiplier method of 2.5x cost for end product pricing.