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Hi-Def NES kit

THE mod kit to end all mod kits for the NES consoles! Works on Front Loader, Top Loader, and AV Famicom More »

TG-16 Region Mod

This will allow you to play Japanese HuCards on your TurboGrafx-16 console, it is one of the easiest region mods ever made! Solder it down, sever the 8 pcb traces, run wires to a switch, and mount the switch; that is it! More »

Turbo Duo Region Mod Kit

This is by far the easiest region mod kit available for the NEC console family including PC Engine and TurboGrafx-16 consoles. More »


First pre-order batch of kits to be ordered tomorrow

We are going to order the first batch of kits for pre-orders tomorrow, but we do plan to order more than have been ordered so there will be some extras if you don’t get your order in on this batch order.

Hi-Def NES pre-order sales page has been turned on!

Pre-order sales page has been turned on! It will only get turned off if I need to fix something.

Hi-Def NES upgrade kit – 1080p for your NES!!!

NES Classic Mini – is it Hi-Def NES competition?

Hi-Def NES kit sale going to a PRE-ORDER type sale

Details about this are here.

Also updated the details of the sale options here.

Hi-Def NES update 7-10-16 – LOTS of news and info!

CrayolaKing modder removed from referral list

I spotted one of Kevin’s nesrgb modded top loaders on ebay and took a look and was not impressed:

crayola top loader bad switch mod

The switch on the 800 sticker looks terrible! Plus it’s a rare 106 version!
There’s more to the removal of course, but I won’t go in to it. We will not warrant his work for any hi-def installs so if you had plans to let him do it I suggest you find another modder.

2nd day of packaging hi-def kits

I got an early start and was able to get out several more kits before the carrier came to pic them up.

hi-def nes kits 1st batch

Today was slow going, slower than I expected, somewhat because around 130 ppl ordered pre-assembled interposers! Wow! I ran out of ones I had done ahead of time yesterday and just kept packing orders that didn’t pay for that option, finished those this afternoon. So I assembled another 28 pairs, since that’s what I had not in esd bags, took me 2.5 hours! Finished those around midnight and got half of the next 56 interposers soldered, took an hour, will finish them tomorrow. So about 60 kits will ship tomorrow.

Packaging kits for shipment

I’m done for today, started at 9:30am stopping now about midnight and a few long breaks means I put in nearly 11.5 hours and only 60 kits are ready to ship out in the morning! That’s crap! lol

It was a slow start though, had to figure out a database to record kit serial numbers and what emails/data/sites to use or look at and be able to keep it all straight.

The big surprise so far is how many ppl ordered pre-assembled interposers! I don’t have numbers yet, but it’s a high percentage! I ran out as I only had about 30 pairs to assemble before the sale, the rest we went ahead and sealed in esd bags as I had no clue how many ppl would want them made up by me.

It’s also obvious the front loader version of the kit will win out. I wonder if this had anything to do with the hdmi connector still being recessed on the top loader/av fami or if it’s just because there are more of those consoles out there and we will always sell more front loader kits than others.

Hi-def kits sell out in 2hrs after major traffic hurdle

So big thanks to the ppl who stuck around and beat the crap out of their F5 key for so long!!!

This was obviously my first big sale so I had no idea what to expect as far as how well godaddy would handle the traffic etc, they failed, miserably! More on that later….

So Kevtris is now convinced, even after over a year of me trying to do so, that the kit is a big hit.
We will now try to figure out how to do the next round, it will obviously NOT be like the first round!!!!

Spent most of today putting together cap kits, hope they actually sell! Def not worth selling individually! I don’t know how console5 does it…

cap kits

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