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More hi-def nes news from the pcb fab!

More news for hi-def nes:

Testing is complete, and they are being sent! getting tracking number today.


So it seems they are getting put in the mail earlier than they said it would happen, that’s great, but too little too late…

Latest update from china fab for Hi-Def NES kits batch order

Kevtris got a bit of news from the fab:
“The needed items are arriving to the factory on the 17th and the earliest ship date is Friday the 21st after assembly and complete testing”

It sounds like the kits may or may not ship around the 21st. It will take us some time to prep them for shipping once we get them as well.

I will update you when i have more news!

New Hi-Def NES kit bag stickers

When kits ship this round they will have better stickers with mine and Kevtris’ company logos, old vs new vs new on new printer!

new kit bag stickers

Hi-def first batch ship info

Kev got some news about the last hi-def nes batch order:

I got final word on when boards will ship.  looks like mid october :-/ chinese holidays and some other issues.  The next run will be made at another fab; this place is starting to suck.   I want them sooner but not much I can do, I am tied to the vagaries of them for this run.

Last time I talked to Kev about this we were actually expecting them to ship last week, but now looks like not for 2-3 more weeks. It doesn’t make much sense and the fab doesn’t seem to really care about or project so switching fabs may be in everyone’s best interest…

Hi-Def NES production update

Kevin got news from the china pcb house last night:

they are almost done with production now.  apparently the stuffing is done so it’s test/ship.  I expect them this week or early next. then I have to program.

News from the PCB makers!

Kevtris emailed me and said the pcb house updated him on the order. They have the blank pcb’s done and should have assembly done by 9-19. I will post if there are more updates from them. Note that you can clearly see where the hdmi connector has been moved out so top loader and av fami installs will be more flush!

interposer red main red

First 500 kits are sold!!!

I thought it would take two weeks, but we sold 40ish kits last week, so we are so close to 500 i’m gonna say they are sold now. HOWEVER, we have not received or tested anything yet so we may not even get 500 working kits from china! Last time we had like 30 bad boards out of 250! We’re hoping they do better at testing on their end this time though as it seemed like they dropped the ball on their end with testing on the last batch.

Pre-orders for the next batch order continue where the first ended, no such thing as ‘sold out’ with this setup.

Numbers update

I run the numbers for hi-def nes once a week to keep Kevin paid, but I get constant questions about the order, is it here yet, will I get one if I order now, etc.

So we’re at 455 sold as of end of day 8-28. Looks like we sell about 25 a week on average.

So you unless you order in the 2 weeks you’ll have to wait longer for yours to get shipped!

And no the first 500 have not yet shipped from china, i’ll post when they do.

Hi-Def NES update 8-24

So there’s some news finally. It seems china ran out of the FPGA that is used in the kit. So Kevin had to order them from a US supplier and ship them to the chinese fab! This may put a delay on shipping, but it’s too early to tell really. We have sold about 430 kits of the 500 ordered, so if you order soon you’ll get one from this batch. Again, do not ask for an ETA, I simply can’t come up with one. I also still get emails asking if the connector has been moved out, this was covered in the update vids, but yes it has been moved 3mm out so cutting the hdmi cord will not be necessary on the top loader and av fami installs.

Boards have been ordered!

Sorry I didn’t update last week when I said they would be ordered, but the ordered has been made as of today. We ordered more than have been paid for so you will most likely still get a kit this round if you get your order in soon. I’ll try to post again when I think kits are sold out for this batch order.

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