Hi-Def NES install guides
NES-001 Front Loader
Capacitor Replacement

I did a video about this, but be sure to read the info below as well as it may be more up to date:


1. If you are replacing all the caps inside the power/av module, remove it’s RF shield.

2. Desolder main cap and remove.

IMG_0256 IMG_0257
3. You can now see what other electrolytic caps are inside the RF module.

4. There are 4 different Rf modules that I know of, all have one 2200uF main cap and 2 100uF caps. These 3 caps are the most likely to fail and should be replaced. Some nes’s came with 16v 100uF caps some with 25v, as long as you’re not putting more than 16v to the console you can use 16v in place of 25v, and you can definitely use higher voltage rated caps, 25v, in place of lower, 16v etc.

The difference is what audio/video caps it has, a combination of 1uF and 10uF caps. These caps fail less often and are not used by the hi-def nes kit, so they are less critical.

Refer to http://console5.com/wiki/Nintendo_NES-001 for proper cap location charts.

5. Most of the caps can be inserted in to place from the hole of the big 2200uF cap.
I like to bend the leads to help with this.


If there is one toward the opposite corner of this hole, simply lift the shielding and insert it.
front loader cap insertion

6. Pull leads through and bend so they stay in place until you get them soldered in.

7. Solder them in place and clip the leads close to flush with the top of the solder blob.

8. If the trace is badly corroded I sometimes use the new caps leads as a jumper.
9. Replace RF shield.

10. If you care what you put in your trash do not trash the old caps.