AGB-001 CPU Flex install

Remove R5, lower left of CPU
make sure these pads clean and smooth/flat and are not shorted etc
you will NOT need to save this resistor
Prep your solder iron
Align ffc with correct pins
you can use tape etc to hold it temp
Add lots of flux
solder bottom pins to bottom ffc contacts while holding ffc in place
Add more flux
Now you can solder the other pins
Add more flux
remove bridges
Add solder to the 3.3v and G pads on the ffc
Solder the 2 wires from ffc panel:
It’s ok to pre tin the ends on both wires
Solder one from power (B+) on GBA to 3.3v on ffc
and then the other wire from and ground (B-) on GBA to G pad on ffc
Test with your meter so make sure you have power and ground
You should have continuity from the exposed metal of the expansion connector to the g pad solder blob on the ffc and from the 3.3v solder blob to the B+ solder blob.