Atari Jaguar

Power LED:

Super easy mod, can install any color you like, or a color changing LED, like this one.
Red seems to match best, but white might look great as well, will try it next time I get a chance and post pics!

$5 for single color LED.
$7 for color changing LED.

Composite and Svideo:
The Jag is already composite and svideo capable witout a mod! However, finding the right cord and for a good price is hard!  I’ve found a couple places that offer the cords for a fair price, one usually also sells it on ebay.


No Power:
If your system won’t power on the u38 power chip is most likely blown. I can replace the chip, but make sure your a/c adapter is negative tip since feeding the Jag with posite tip is what causes the chip to blow!