Coleco Gemini

Composite and S-video Mods:

If you know who the LonghornEngineer is then you already know his mod is currently the best you can get for the Atari systems!
This mod makes possible s-video, composite, and stereo outputs. I have successfully used his mod in a Gemini.
Here is one of LonghornEngineer’s screenshots taken from his website.


Here is a view of the Gemini fully modded. I use a special connector and cord in place of the R/F jack, this keeps it looking sleak and somewhat unmoddified.
If you want s-video i’ll have to add another hole and s-vid socket.


This is a shot of the connector taking place of the R/F jack.


Here’s a great pic of the inside of the Gemini with the LHE and Pause boards installed, double sided tape keeps them in place.


$50 for only the headphone style connector, no svideo connection.
$10 more for the s-video jack.
Just contact me with your specific needs and we’ll work it out.

Pause Mod:

This is a must have mod for your Gemini! A certain Brazilian Atari console had this feature and Victor Trucco reverse engineered it for us! Check out his site.
Victor tested the mod and says it can stay paused for hours and still start right back up from where it was paused!
I have also installed this mod on a JR and a Gemini and it works perfect!
I have used the 2-3 channel select switch to initiate pause, but I could configure your console differently if desired.
Also check out the youtube video of the pause mod in action on a JR, it’s toward the end.

$30 for Pause Mod.

LED Mod:

I can put any color LED in almost any place you like, but the red LED in the pic above seemed to be fitting since some of the lettering is in red on the console, white might look nice as well.

$5 for single color LED.
$7 for color changing LED.