Dreamcast CNC Aluminum case


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Case, power and reset switches, LaserBear 40mm fan, and LED logo backlight with remote are the only items included.
DC motherboard, controller ports, mod kits, power supply etc not included!

Original fan cannot be used so i’m including the 40mm 3pin fan LaserBear uses in his DC fan upgrade kit just without the 3D printed parts.
I have a 2 to 3 pin socket adapter if you want to use a Rev 0 dreamcast mobo, just let me know you need it!

Original PSU will not fit, please use the ReDream PSU sold here or add it to your order above.

DCDigital hole and mount bolt already in place!

Original disc drive cannot be used. Tested with GDEMU only so far.

No need to use original RF shields/heat sinks!!!!!!
These have been replaced with new parts included in the kit!

Color anodizing will also be an option later, but bare aluminum only for now.
We plan to offer these colors first:
Blue, red, black, green, and gold.
I will likely have these made so we can get good pics of them before offering them.

Options explained:

ReDream PSU: Original PSU will not fit, so something like the ReDream PSU has to be used, choose yes and I will add it with your order.

DCDigital kit: This is the HDMI upgrade kit from Dan (Citrus3000psi) and Christof (chriz2600). I bought enough for my use a long time ago and can sell them with case or pre assembled only, i cannot sell just the kit!

GDEmu clone installed: I will install the GDEmu clone ODE (disc emulator).

Assemble it for me: I will take on of my dreamcast donors and put it all together for you! You will have to buy the redream psu, but i can put this together without the dcdigital.

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ReDream PSU

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DCDigital kit

Yes, No

GDEmu clone kit

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Assemble it for me

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