GBAConsolizer news!!!!

From Woozle: I’ve been working a lot on the full case, it’s pretty much done. If you press down on the cartridge guide it clicks which is annoying but not sure how to fix that. It sits on top of some SMD components on the gba board which make it wobble like 0.5mm when you press it. No way to stabilize it without another printed part. In normal use it should never be noticeable unless you mash on it.

All that’s left is the plexiglass, I gotta reposition the holes and just double check the shape outline by printing a mock up piece.

I get my Digi-Key order on Wednesday which has the parts to test the 32 pin adapter. Also has the full case front panel power switch so I can double check that it fits.

A main board pcb was sent to the 3D print guy so he can test fit the LCD replacement version of the consolizer mount. So those might start production very soon as well.