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Woozle’s GBAConsolizer Firmware

The latest FW: gbacr_1.1.0b.bin

Both JTAG and SPI programmers can be used to update the Consolizer’s firmware.
The *.MCS firmware file is used for JTAG programmers and the *.BIN file is used for SPI programmers.
Details of how to use specific programming devices is not covered here, the user should consult their programming devices user guide.

Citurs3000psi made a vid on how to do the GCDual firmware and it’s the same for GBAConsolizer!

GBAConsolizer User Manual
GBAConsolizer Installation Guides
GBAConsolizer kits’ parts Terminology
GBAConsolizer FAQ
GBAConsolizer Troubleshooting guide
GBAConsolizer known problem devices
GBAConsolizer Firmware


All Xstation orders except 2 have shipped, these seem to be taking less than 2 weeks to deliver after sale!
Cases batch 3 – rest of order showed up today! Already started shipping!
GBAC’r – one last replacement component to test and then we’ll start the next pre order.

GBAConsolizer update!

Almost done working out things with the fab, had to change some EOL parts.
Pre orders will start soon!
This case was custom made for @MetalJesusRocks as a thank you.

DreamCast cases update

Maker has made more Opaque black, if you were waiting for one NOW is the time! This means 16 and 128 bit opaque black is also available!
Batch 2 cases are still stuck in EMS hands.
Batch 3 was supposed to get paid for today and ship but maker is behind.

Transparent RED Saturn case!!!

Another ALERT!
Transparent RED Saturn case is also available for pre order!
BUT I don’t have proper pics of it yet so i just color swapped a pic to make it look like a trans red case. It will be the same plastic as the DC trans red case.

Transparent Blue Sega Saturn case!

Product variation added ALERT!!!!
Trans Blue has been added to the Saturn cases!
Maker says it will have blue buttons etc and also be lighter in color than the pics show.

ReN64 PSU being prototyped now!

It was obvious to me this needed to be one of the iterations of the Rexus PSUs and pics prove he’s close to working it out! I also want to fit just the board in the pocket of the console and secure with a 3d print and or plexi!


Sega Saturn new shells up for pre order now!

Sega Saturn Replacement Case

GBAConsolizer NEW firmware!!!

New firmware v1.1.0 beta, LINK!!!

GBAConsolizer update

I had a long convo with Jon of Creative Makers and have learned that the last cases are half done, black filament was delayed in canada post, so those are behind, but he is shipping vertigo grey and some translucent colors down today or tomorrow.
Also, the last of the Canada order will ship soon too!