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GBAConsolizer LED install jig

GBAConsolizer LED install jig:
This will help you install an LED on the quick-wire power switch board at the right height.
It may need its size increased 1 to 2 percent when slicing to ensure the PCB isn’t too tight in the jig.

GCDual update:

I was able to reprogram all the kits to 3.0d, the latest firmware, and am now moving on to testing them, then ESD bagging, then shipping, but testing takes time! I need a GCLoader!

GBAConsolizer update:

Creative Makers is telling me all translucent plexi and all remaining cases will be done in the next 3-4 weeks! I believe remaining Collingall cases are close to done as well!

GBAConsolizer news:

Plexi did show up so i’ll be shipping lots more orders! If you want your order asap and originally ordered translucent plexi email me and I can ship it with clear plexi if I don’t have the trans color plexi on hand…

GBAConsolizer news!

What seems to be enough clear plexi to finish out all round 2 orders (all outstanding orders are round 2 pre orders) is set to show up tomorrow or Fri. So I will get lots more orders out very soon! Translucent plexi shouldn’t be too far behind.

GBAConsolizer news!!!

I have gotten the final pieces I needed to start shipping full case kits, but only enough to get me thru to ~ order #7490. It will take time to get these out and i’m hoping more of the plexi show up before i’m done so I can keep going.

#GBAConsolizer news

40/32 pin adapter FFCs are here now so all LCD orders with that part can now also ship, i’m still working through orders so be patient!

GBAConsolizer news:

#GBAConsolizer Round 2 kits have started shipping!
I repeat, I only have the parts to ship LCD versions right now but full case parts are en route!

GBAConsolizer update

People are hugely interested in pre assembled ready to go GBAConsolizers and I see no reason we can’t also do pre orders for fully assembled units, so here’s the pre order page for them!!!

Too expensive? Go for the DIY kit here:

GBAConsolizer official MJR review vid