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The OXC LPCorrector V2 is a QSB (quick solder board) used to rebuild the LPC Debug connector on version 1.6 Xbox motherboards.

Throughout the Xbox’s lifetime, Microsoft modified the LPC port in an attempt to prevent modding and, in some cases, it must be “rebuilt” to restore the port’s full functionality.
This pcb is really all about ease, rebuilding the lcp with wires just sucks!
This will not work for all mod chips, you will need to know if your chip works with a 1.6 motherboard and the a standard LPC rebuild.
However this should work with any currently available chips and any last generation chips that are 1.6 compatible, such as the Aladdin XT Plus 2, x3, xecuter 2.6 etc.

These PCBs are .6mm thickness for easier install!

-Some board houses don’t completely smooth the edges of their boards, so light sanding of the edges may be necessary to get a correct fit
-There can also be some extra copper hanging off the holes that were cut-out along the edges, you can just break this off…

-The LPC Debug connector uses standard 2.54mm (0.100″) pitch pin headers, arranged as 2×8 (16 pins total)
-However two of the pins are not necessary and can be removed, these are the pins that go in the unplated holes on the OXC LPCorrector
-The hole with the square pad on the OXC LPCorrector matches up with the square pad on the Xbox LPC Debug connector
-Clean the Xbox where the OXC LPCorrector will go and the varoius solder points just to make sure that it will be able to lay flat and make a good connection
-I recommended placing the pin headers in the wrong way (from the bottom of the Xbox motherboard, don’t solder them) to help position the OXC LPCorrector while soldering the test points
-After soldering all the test points and the GND connection then put the pin headers in correctly and solder them
-Using a chisel tip and flux for soldering is recommended
-You can hold your soldering iron against the test point and the OXC LPCorrector, then apply solder to the pad on the OXC LPCorrector from the top. The solder will flow down to the test point on the Xbox, don’t use too much solder
-When soldering the pin headers you will want to hold the iron against the OXC LPCorrector pad and pin header for a bit longer than normal, this is to ensure that solder flows all the way to the Xbox.
-Depending on your installation you can bridge the D0 pad to the GND pad

More pics of it installed: https://imgur.com/a/RzeNhiv

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