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Paul at RockerGaming put a lot of time and effort in to these jewels and it shows!

The Rocker Gaming N64 Jewel offers an easy custom replacement to the tired and worn original N64 Jewel that came standard on all N64 consoles.  This simple modification requires no permanent modification to the system and offers the ability to customize your N64. The modification only works on all versions of the N64.

The jewel is made from acrylic with the art under the acrylic.  It was made in the same manner as the original N64 jewel, the only difference is the jewel is flat instead of slightly domed like the original.  The art is professionally printed with waterproof ink on backlit film, which can easily be led lit for an awesome effect, if so desired. Note, there could be small scuffing or scratching on the surface of jewel as acrylic scuffs very easily.  Measures have been taken to prevent this, but it is unfortunately inevitable.

Installation is very easy, just remove the legacy jewel by opening the console and pushing on the back of the jewel, there are 2 holes behind the jewel to push it out.  I would recommend you use a plastic spudger, do not use metal or you will scratch the legacy jewel. Next peel the double sided tape off the back of the replacement jewel and affix to the console.

Currently 7 variations available with more to come!

Game-Tech does not keep these in inventory, these are shipped straight from RockerGaming unless pre ordered with the UltraHDMI kit.
Please allow a 2 day handling time.

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Ultra 64, Smash Bros Faces, StarFox, 007 Goldeneye, Zelda Majora, Zelda Ocarina, Donkey Kong Barrel

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