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The DreamPSU is a replacement power supply for the SEGA Dreamcast that is quick and easy to install and reduces heat inside the console!


Small Size, Just 48mm x 42mm (1.89in x 1.65in).
No console modifications necessary.
Drop in replacement for original power supply.
Utilizes your original Dreamcast power button.
Runs from an external 12v 2+ amp power supply (not included).
More space inside your Dreamcast for other mods.
12v and 5v power headers available for mods.


What Regions & Versions is it compatible with?
The DreamPSU is compatible with all regions and all versions of the Dreamcast.

Does this work with the Original GD-ROM upgrades and DCHDMI?
It is fully compatible with the GDEmu and USB-GDRom as well as the original Dreamcast GDROM disc drive as well as any of those combined with the DCHDMI upgrade.

How is it powered?
The DreamPSU is powered by an external DC power brick via a barrel bjck similar to what you would find on older game consoles.

Is a power brick included?
NO, a power brick is not included, however, 12v switching power bricks are readily available on Amazon, eBay and other online stores. See below for recommendations.

What specification power brick do I need?
It all depends on what you’re using with your Dreamcast, for instance if you have an internal hard drive installed, you will need a higher rated supply.
But if you use a standard Dreamcast without mods installed, a 12v 2a power supply should be plenty.

Minimum: 12v 2a switching power brick.
Recommended: 12v 3a or more.

What size DC Jack do I need?
You will need a power supply with a 2.5mm inner diameter and 5.5mm outer diameter barrel jack (5.5×2.5mm).

What polarity power supply do I need?
Center positive. See the symbol below for reference.

12V 5A US power supply I quickly found on Amazon for cheap – LINK
That power supply has not yet been tested by me!

Can I have a white DC jack adapter 3D printed piece?
The Dreamcast originally had a black square for AC input, so to match that and to reduce kit build complexity on my end i’m only offering it in black.
I will eventually release the files to print your own part.

What is the difference between DreamPSU and PicoPSU?
The DreamPSU is REALLY easy to install and has easily accessible pins for 12v and 5v.
The DreamPSU does not need another adapter board to work.
Initial quick tests on my scope show the pico that I borrowed from LaserBear had more noise than the DreamPSU and even an old original psu!
Also, the DreamPSU does not have any electrolytic capacitors in it’s design, which will eventually fail, the pico and original both do.

Can I plug the DreamPSU directly into a 110v / 240v wall socket?
NO!! You will kill the DreamPSU and possibly the Dreamcast. You need to use a 12v power brick/adapter like the one recommended above.

Is there a warranty?
The DreamPSU does not come with a warranty, every DreamPSU will be fully tested prior to shipping. If the DreamPSU is confirmed to be working at the time of testing, it will be packaged and shipped. If you are having issues with the DreamPSU you received, please contact me.

How do you install the DreamPSU?
For a full install guide with pictures, please visit https://dreampsu.com/DreamPSU_InstallGuide.pdf

The Creator of this kit is Chris Moon.

Game-Tech heard about this kit through RetroRGB’s weekly news podcast.
The creator had some issues with the PCB fab and decided to give away this kit’s design.
The only changes Game-Tech made to the pcb was to add ‘sold by Game-Tech.US’ to the silkscreen.
I’m also using a different DC jack than normally seen as I didn’t like the nut being on the outside.
I also prefer to solder over using a mechanical connector, so the not assembled version you will solder the power wires to the dc hack and pcb to avoid using those 2 unnecessary connectors.
My experience is they do not ease the install as much as they are hyped to, you’re soldering anyway so it’s not that big of a deal…
Also, I’ve seen corrosion compromise conductivity on those connection points. See my Vectrex repair vid. Please excuse all the consecutive C words! lol
Not to mention they add unnecessary costs!
Once it’s installed you are not likely to ever remove it, and even you do need to remove those wires it’s not a big deal to desolder them, so why use mechanical connectors!?!?
Since the power switch and power outputs were already mechanical connectors and it actually keeps the kit easier to install I left them as designed.

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