GBAConsolizer full case (Copy)

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This case replaces the original shell of the GameBoy Advance and is made to also house the GBAConsolizer kit.

These will not be stocked, but made to order, so normal pre order fashion.

It’s a bit of a visual upgrade over just an original GBA and GBAConsolizer LCD version.

Easy slide and click together assembly!

HDMI and USB power are now out the back.
SNES controller port, game cartridge slot, and power switch face front as you’d expect!

The original GBA buttons will not be accessible so you will have to use an SNES controller of some kind with this case.

SPS (Space Pirate Prints) is John DiPietro, known for recent multi color sd card extension prints and now embedded logo multi color GBAC’r lids.

LB (LaserBear) is Greg Collins, known for designing height def nes and front loader no cut kits etc.

Both cases will perform exactly the same.

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LB Black, LB Samus, LB Smoke, LB Apple Red, LB McLaren Orange, LB PS1 light grey, LB N64 Graphite Grey, LB Fami red, LB British Racing Green, LB Deep Blue, LB Starry Night Translucent Blue, LB Diamond Black, LB Diamond Purple, SPP Black GBA, SPP White GBA, SPP Transparent Blue GBA, SPP Purple GBA, SPP Transparent Purple GBA, SPP Transparent Orange GBA, SPP Pink GBA, SPP Black Clear top, SPP White Clear top, SPP Light Blue Clear top, SPP Translucent Blue Clear top, SPP Purple Clear top, SPP Translucent Purple Clear top, SPP Translucent Orange Clear top, SPP Pink Clear top, LB Diamond Green, LB Diamond Red, SPP Yellow Gold Clear top


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