PC Engine Duo RGB and Region switch upgraded


Lot includes upgraded console
Scart cord, controller, AC adapter
Turbo Everdrive

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This console was upgraded by me with the newest and best kits.
The RGB kit is from Voultar which is the best one on the market today. It uses composite sync, properly buffered, for better quality rgb output to your monitor/scaler. Use a passthrough scart cable with this kit, no sync cleaning needed.
The region switch kit is of my design as seen in this site’s store. Works great with Turbo Everdrives of version 2 up, but I have seen issues with older version 1 units.
I’ve also replaced the 2 ceramic capacitors for the jailbars fix.
Red power LED was added so you know it’s on, looks nice!
All electrolytic capacitors have been replaced! Smd caps were replaced with same capacitance ceramic caps that will never leak fluid!
CD side fully tested working great also!
Console condition is great! Some scratches and blemishes.
Original PC Engine Duo contoller tested working good.
Scart cord modified to be pass through to work with the Voultar rgb mod kit.
AC adpater has new Nichicon caps installed for reliability and a tip adapter to work with the Duo’s orginal power port.
Turbo Everdrive is a version 2.4, tested working fine with region mod.

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in

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