AGB-001 Disassemble and Prep

If you can, start with a known working console that has little to no corrosion!!!!
Read more here.

Remove 1 Philips screw and 6 tri-wing screws holding console shell together.

Remove back shell half and set aside.
Shoulder buttons, side pieces, and power slider can be set aside to clean if doing the LCD version or permanently put away if doing full case.

The next 2 steps are optional, however highly recommended be done on both LCD and FULL case versions of the install!
Next you will do a power switch and audio volume pot bypass.
I’ve done a video to show how to do these steps here:

If you do not do these make sure the power switch CANNOT be put in to the off position, this will short kit power to ground and cause damage!

The volume knob/wheel is usable in the LCD version but not accessible in the full case version, but even in the LCD version you are not likely to use this wheel, and if you do, you are likely to get cracking/popping from the output! The bypass can help eliminate those issues!

Test bypass mods by putting the back shell back on, it is not necessary to screw the shells back together, add a game. Once batteries are installed the console should immediately power up, if not, the switch was not properly bypassed. If it powers on ok it should also be at full volume, run the volume wheel all the way low and all the way high, you should not hear a change in volume, if you do, the bypass was not done correctly.

CAPACITOR replacement:
Now is a great time to do the cap replacement!
Write up and video links HERE.
Once done you should go back and retest as you did with the bypass mods.

Remove GBA motherboard. 3 Philips screws and the lock tabs of the video FFC.

If doing a full case install, the front shell and all it’s parts can be permanently put away.
If doing an LCD install, remove the LCD and front plexi from front shell and set all parts aside for cleaning:

If you aren’t going to use it, and most won’t, remove the speaker:

Remove the clock crystal.
If it’s the black version use this method:
If it’s the silver can type simply twist off with pliers, seen here:

Remove the battery contacts:

Clean any flux off (optional but recommended):

Clean the mobo, I use purple power degreaser, 2 credit cards cut to size and wrapped in bed sheet to clean cart connector, then dish soap and hot water for final clean/rinse.
This is a good time to clean all the other parts of the console if using for LCD install.

Dry the mobo really good, I set mine under a space heater.

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