Explanation of Hi-def NES kit options

Kit version:

There are 3 consoles the kit will work with and although the 3 main boards of the kit are the same, the ribbon cable length is not. Simply choose the console you plan to install the kit in to.

Cap kit:

This will include the caps needed to replace the electrolytic capacitors most likely to fail in your console.
For the front loader I only provide the caps inside the power/av module, watch this video and read the install instructions.
The top loader and av fami cap kits are a little more obvious, but again check the install instructions.

cap kit

Template: (Sorry – not ready yet)

This is for a reusable template which can also be used with a dremel. You do not need this if you plan to print out the templates provided and simply trace out the hole onto the console and cut it out.
The dremel is faster and cleaner than the trace and cut method.

Pre-assemble the Interposers:

This simply means you want me to solder the headers and sockets on to the two interposer boards for you.
I have a jig setup to make this easy and it will save you some time and headache.

LED DIY kits:

This is a pre assembled LED kit I sell and use to mod the top loader and av fami’s. Drill a 3mm hole under the red button and solder the other end of the wires to power and ground. It’s shown in some of my YouTube vids.

LED assmbld

AC Adapter:

This is a cheap chinese ac adapter, which of course means it came with the cheapest caps available! So I have recapped them with Nichicon caps sourced from Mouser. I have been selling this combo with pre modded consoles for some time so i’m confident they will last and perform well for quite some time!
This is not a requirement to the mod kit, only an option for those that don’t have or don’t trust the power adapter they already have. Remember mod kits and flash carts add to the total Amp draw from your power supply!
This unit outputs 9 volts DC and up to 2 Amps! It is universal in that it will accept 100V to 240V and 50 or 60 Hertz mains power. It also has the added feature of a dual use tip, it can be used on consoles with 5.5mm OD and either 2.1mm or 2.5mm ID, a very cool feature!
It is normal polarity so it’s not for use with the AV famicom unless you use a polarity reverser cord ( I have a few on hand) or mod the internals of the adapter (super easy).

Terminology of the parts of the kits

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