GBAConsolizer – Assemble Full case plastics

You should be starting this set of instructions with your kit main board still connected to your GBA mobo from testing. You can disconnect the GBA mobo from the ffc’s now.

REV 2 Cases:
With ffc’s and power switch assembly attached, slide the kit main board snes connector fist in to it’s hole enough to let the rear power and video connectors clear their holes.

Line up the rear connectors and slide the kit main board back so rear connector slide in to their holes. I usually push down on the connectors if they are hitting the top of the holes, very common.

Use 4 screws to mount kit main board in to case.

Install the power switch assembly in to it’s hole. You may need to use some force, also very common.

Installing a lock ring then nut on the outside of the switch.

Use 8mm socket to tighten.

Push on 3d printed switch cap, again use force.

Reconnect the 2 FFC cables to the GBA mobo. To set in place slide EXT connector in to it’s hole first, then lay the rest of the mobo in place. There are 4 more screws to hold the mobo in place, add them now.

The cart tray printed piece now gets pressed in to place, it’s a tight fit and no bolts hold it in. There is a beveled edge and I usually get that set in to it’s slot first and slide it down in to place then push down to snap in place.

Now add the pin magnets in the case.
Be careful to keep all magnets oriented the same.

I usually drill the holes out with a 5/32″ or #22 drill bit first to east installation!

I also use a long #2 philips screwdriver to help push the magnets in to place.

I will then lay the disc magnets on to the pins so I can be sure they too are oriented correctly  before gluing them to the plexi. Just be sure to flip them over and lay them in their correct spots!

On the plexi I add a tiny amount of super glue to each corner for the disc magnets:

Add the 4 feet to the bottom and you’re done!!!

Go try it out!

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