GBAConsolizer – Assemble Full case plastics

I show some of these next steps in this vid, already queued up, but it was a first attempt so it may not match the written steps below:

You should be starting this set of instructions with your kit main board still connected to your GBA mobo from testing. You can disconnect them now.

Install the power switch in to it’s hole and use which ever combo of nuts and lock ring you like.
It should be in the off position so set the body so the lever faces which ever way you like for it to be when off.
Installing a nut on the inside to keep the outside threads more flush will move it out off the ledge that keeps the switch from rotating and is not recommended…

Place the kit main board and run the 1 M2 bolt in to the hole nearest the SNES connector that has a boss/hole for it and run down an M2 nyloc nut. This will temporarily hold the stack together as you progress. Use your 5/64 hex key or bit and 4mm socket. Finger tight is plenty!

Add the other 2 M2 bolts then the printed top piece to the stack then the nuts and tighten. There may not be room for a short 4mm socket, a deep well might work, but needle nose pliers holding the nut also works! Finger tight is plenty!

Reconnect the 2 FFC cables to the GBA mobo and set in place.
There are 4 more M2 bolts and nuts to hold this board in place as well.
Again a socket may not fit on to those nuts, but needle nose works and again they only need to be finger tight!

The cart tray printed piece now gets pressed in to place, it’s a tight fit and no bolts hold it in.

Now add the top plexi and it’s 4 M3 bolts and nuts.
DO NOT over tighten, but try to engage the nyloc, maybe get the bolt almost flush wtih the nut bottom edge or just to it. Use your 5.5mm socket and 2mm hex key or bit here.

Add the 4 feet and you’re done!!!

DO NOT clean the plexi with rubbing alcohol!
Use glass cleaner! Alcohol will cause cracks all throughout the plexi! 

Go try it out!

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