GBAConsolizer – Assemble Kit Main Board

Depending on which version you are installing there are a couple different items that need addressed on the kit main board.

The power switch:

A. LCD install:
Simply solder on the switch and flush cut the legs on the bottom.
Lottery winner kits will already have the switch installed.

B. Full Case Install:
The lottery winner kits will have the power switch installed from the fab, if you are using the kit for full case install you must remove it!
All other kits sold after the lottery, simply solder the 4″ 3 conductor ribbon cable both to the power switch legs and to the kit main board pads:

Both versions of the kit need the SNES controller connector soldered on.
Be sure to plug a controller in to the connector to help the pins stay aligned during soldering!
Simply lay them upside down and flat and solder away!
Cut the legs on the bottom as flush as you can to the solder fillet, I use heavier side cutters instead of flush cutters here.

Watch me do it in the vid:

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