GBAConsolizer – Assemble LCD plastics

If you did the initial testing disconnect the 2 FFC cables from the GBA, if you skipped testing, attach the 2 FFCs to the kit main board. Pics on how to work the connectors are in the initial testing page.

I show these step in this vid:

Thread the 2 FFC cables through their prospectively sized holes in the LCD bottom printed piece, it’s obvious…

Add the LCD printed top piece, place the 4 M2 bolts into their holes, they should push all the way through, you may have to wiggle past the main kit pcb holes etc.

Add this stack to the top of the GBA front shell, threading the cables through the old LCD’s hole.

Attach the blank pcb, orienting it correctly to sit inside the ribs and let the screws through.

Hand tighten the 4 nuts onto the screws, use a 1.5mm hex key and 4mm socket to tighten only enough to at least engage the nyloc and to clamp the stack together, don’t overdo it or you could crack the shell!

You’re almost there, but if you’re feeling paranoid feel free to do another sanity check!

Reattach the FFC cables to their proper connectors on the GBA mobo and retest, that’s it!

If it’s all still working, move on!

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