GBAConsolizer – Initial testing

Now that the breakout board is installed and the main kit board is put together, you need to make sure it’s all working before you get too much of it put together. AKA sanity checks!
You don’t want to have to tear it all back down because it doesn’t work, so testing it as you progress is just good practice!

Attach the 2 FFC cables to the kit main board. Lift the black lock tab and insert both FFCs blue tab up:

The control FFC goes to the breakout board, blue tab up.
The video FFC goes in the to GBA’s old LCD connector, blue tab down!

Plug in video and power cords, put in a game, and turn it on!
The game should boot normally, but you will not hear sound the first time, unless you have analog audio hooked up. You must pull up the menu, hit Down + Select, go to system, turn on DVI+ mode. Sound should now work!
Test that all buttons and directions work as well as video and sounds.
If something isn’t working, recheck your work!
I have a troubleshooting guide HERE!

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