64HD GameBox Systems 1080p for your N64!

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Give your N64 the HD treatment with this DIY HDMI upgrade kit from Gamebox systems!!!
It includes everything you need to get digital out from your Nintendo 64 via a HDMI port with no cutting of the console shell!

The 64HD kit adds modern HDMI connectivity to your retro N64 console, plus a whole range of additional features to give you an enhanced gaming experience.
It taps directly into the N64 motherboard for a digital signal, rather than using the traditional analog AV out, to provide the very best possible picture!
Once installed you will be able to hook the N64 up to a TV or monitor using HDMI in digital quality, with no AV converters needed or quality losses experienced.

This install does require technical soldering to a high degree of accuracy, as you will need to solder individual pin legs on IC chips found on the motherboard inside the console.
It is recommended to have this installed professionally if you are not experienced with soldering small detailed parts. The installation of the mod is done at the owners risk, please read the warranty information below.
No cutting of the shell is required, meaning that the mod could be reversed and removed later by de-soldering.

The Features:

Compatible with all N64 models NTSC & PAL

Supported Resolutions:
– 1080i60 (1920×1080 interlaced) – Works best with NTSC consoles.
– 720p60 (1280×720 progressive, Default Mode) – Best compatibility for PAL consoles.
– 480p60 (720×480 progressive)
– 240p60 (1440×240 progressive, use with component converter for PVM/CRT screens)

Scaling Modes:
– Integer 1:1 PAR (Pixel Aspect Ratio)
– Full Screen non-Linear
– Non-integer linear scaling (Default scaling option)
– Overscan for All Scaling Modes

– VI Deblur
– Image Brightness Control
– 3 Pixel Filter modes
– 3 Scanline Modes (Simple and Hybrid)
– Settings saving


  • This mod outputs the digital video signal directly from the on-board FPGA. 720p mode is compatible with almost all devices we tested, however, 480p and 1080i are auxiliary modes that may have issues on some devices such as audio or graphical glitches.
  • 240p mode is to be used with external scalers like OSSC or the upcoming RetroTink 4K and Morph, and also with non-scaling HDMI to component adapters for CRTs and PVMs.
    Component adapters that have an internal image scaler will present issues with with 240p mode specifically. Component adapter must also support 480i input, 480p support only does not suffice for 240p mode.

Included in the kit:

  • 64HD PCB
  • HDMI Daughterboard PCB + Ribbon Cable + Support base
  • Quick solder flex cable
  • Foam Adhesive Pad
  • No-cut A/V Shroud (black)

Installation not included, but here is a list of kit installers I trust to do a great job for you!

It’s a difficult install, watch this video and judge for yourself.

If you do want to try the install on your own here is the 64HD installation guide.


Each kit is fully tested, so we can guarantee it worked fine when shipped.
Unfortunately we are only hobbyist, not wal-mart, so we cannot warranty the kit unless it has been installed by one of the approved installers listed above.
We can’t control things like ESD and bad soldering skills.
We can do repair work, just not for free.


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