Hi-Def NES upgrade kit – 1080p for your NES!!!


1080p HDMI for your NES Front Loader, Top Loader, or AV Famicom!

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I talked Kevtris in to making us an HDMI upgrade kit for the nes and av fami consoles.

Initial announcement video:
Hi-Def NES – Kevtris’s 1080p HDMI upgrade kit is here!

There are a lot more vids, just check our channels. Kevtris Game-Tech
There are also links to the forums threads in the description of the announcement video, this is the best way to see updates as links to new vids will be posted there as well.

Not a clone system!
Uses the nintendo’s cpu and ppu.
Fully HDMI standards compliant, tested with an HDMI analyzer.

No frame buffer so NO LAG between controller and monitor.

Using ntsc cpu/ppu: 480p, 720p, 1080p
Using pal cpu/ppu: 567p, 720p, 1080p
Kit will auto detect which chips it’s connected to.
EDID will allow only as high a res as the monitor will handle, but there is the option to turn it off and force higher res.

Aspect ratio will be user adjustable in the menu, seen as horizontal stretch in the menu.

Multiple palettes and a black & white mode will be user select-able in the menu.

Over clocking with hot keys with option to have it not mess up the sound pitch by following ppu clock instead of cpu.

User can reconfigure all hot keys.

Hot keys can be set to be read on either controller 1 or 2.

Long and short console reset via controller hot keys.

Updating firmware will be done via an “.nes” file, via flashcart etc, if necessary.
No need to send the console or board back to me or the installer for updates!

All audio is generated in the kit, so it will be %100 digital and theoretically noise free.
User will be able to control each audio source volume independently.
User will be able to pan between left and right output of each source independently.
All expansion audio chips are programmed in to the kit, simply turn the one you need on or off.
The cart or rom you’re playing does not need the actual hardware for this to work! VID LINK

5 scaling options are included: HQ2X, HQ3X, HQ4X, scale 2X, and scale 3X.
Plus a bonus x-ray mode.

Several scanlines options: none, nes, 2x, 3x, 4x, and 5x.
Optional 4x instead of 4.5x 1080p modes to help with scanlines as well.

Easy install, desolder the cpu and ppu, add a couple wires for power, and cut out a hole using the print out template shown in the install instructions or buy the more robust template for use with a dremel (coming soon).

Tested and working with some known problem carts, multi carts, powerpak, and everdrive.

Guaranteed compatible with E, G, and H rev cpu and ppu only. This is another reason the kit will not work in the original famicom, those usually have chip revs that cause issues.

Installation not included, but here is a list of kit installers I trust to do a great job for you!

Here are the installation guides I put together.

A couple reviews of the Hi-Def NES kit have been posted online:




Unfortunately we are only hobbyist, not wal-mart, so we cannot warranty the kit unless it has been installed by one of the approved installers listed above.
We do test each kit fully though, so we can guarantee it worked fine when shipped.
We can’t control things like ESD and bad upgrade practices.
We can do repair work, just not for free.

Terminology of the parts of the kits

Hi-Def NES FAQs page

Hi-Def NES Troubleshooting guide



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Front loader, Top loader, AV Famicom


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