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TG-16 Region Mod

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Turbo Duo Region Mod Kit

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UltraHDMI kit

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HiDefNES update

#HiDefNES update: Kevtris informed me that another batch of 500 hi-def nes kits are already on order! The fab has been paid and are acquiring components now!

#HiDefNES update SOLD OUT

As of 4-6-2018 the 500 kits are sold out, in less than 2 weeks! WOW!

Watch this area or my twitter feed for info on the next sale.

HiDefNES corrections:

#HiDefNES corrections:
I forgot that the AC adapter will not work on the av fami without a polarity reverser cable or internal mod. Will make a note and try to change the shop variables to keep this combo from being ordered or adjust price to add the reverser or extra mod.

Also, you will receive 2 long ribbon cables in your front loader kit order, this is due to a shortage of 6″ cables!
I added a note in the install guide.

HiDefNES update

#HiDefNES update: All orders up through 4365 are shipped.
It’s a much slower process than ultrahdmi so I get less orders done per day.
There are way more parts and complication with this kit so BE PATIENT, you will get an email with track info when I ship.

#UltraHDMI update

#UltraHDMI update: Marshall says the fab has started gathering parts and also started making pcbs!

#HiDefNES kits are back in stock!

I finally got all the prep work done and have revamped the sale page to also include recapped ac adapters as an option.

These are cheap chinese adapters, but i put Nichicon caps from Mouser in them so they will actually last. They are 9v 2A adapters with a tip that will do 5.5mm OD and both 2.1mm and 2.5mm ID!!!

I have been selling them with pre modded nes’s for a while so I know they are good to go!

I will also be adding them to the MISC category when I get time so they can be bought separately.

#UltraHDMI pre orders update

Marshall has the kit and is starting testing!

I repeat, this is for the pre order batch sold last October, this is not a notice there will be another pre order soon.

#UltraHDMI pre order update

Marshall just emailed me and said he has a tracking number for the kits, so they are on their way from china to him!

N64 cap kits have been upgraded!

I added a 680uF cap to the kits in order to cover the ‘S’ versions of the OEM power supplies for the N64. I finally had a large enough sample size to make sure exactly what was needed to also cover this variation, turns out only the one cap was needed!

Anyone who has a cap kit on pre order with their ultraHDMI kit will get this upgraded cap kit as well, no extra charge!

See the link for details:

N64 power supply cap kit

#UltraHDMI update

Marshall says china fab is still working on the boards, but the flex cables are done and in transit.

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