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Hi-Def NES kit

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TG-16 Region Mod

This will allow you to play Japanese HuCards on your TurboGrafx-16 console, it is one of the easiest region mods ever made! Solder it down, sever the 8 pcb traces, run wires to a switch, and mount the switch; that is it! More »

Turbo Duo Region Mod Kit

This is by far the easiest region mod kit available for the NEC console family including PC Engine and TurboGrafx-16 consoles. More »

UltraHDMI kit

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#UltraHDMI update

The January batch of 200 has started production and should be shipped to marshall in 2-5 weeks depending on the fab’s backlog.

#HiDefNES pre-orders

Pre-orders have started again as I now have none in stock.
All hi-def nes yellow rev boards are sold out!

#HiDefNES orders are caught up!

All orders are shipped out! However, there are only a few left in stock, so i’ll be going back to a pre order system very soon. The next batch has not yet been ordered, but should be put in soon.

#HiDefNES kits shipping updates

All kits ordered in 2016 have shipped! Well all except for a few stragglers that didn’t pay shipping AND didn’t tell me who to send the kits to…

Should get caught up on the rest of them in the next couple days.

Inventory is down to about 70 kits in stock, I haven’t changed the sale page to a ‘in stock’ number only because I haven’t made an exact count yet since i’m not done shipping out pre orders.

#HiDefNES shipping update

Kits from september and october orders and nearly all kits going to my recommended installers are shipped! Still lots to do though, back to it!

As of right now there’s still about 80 kits that have not been sold. So if you order within the next few weeks you’ll get one soon after ordering. After than we’re back to a pre-order system.

#HiDefNES interposer assembly update

Interposer assembly guide has been updated for dual wipe socket use:

#HiDefNES update

Interposer assembly is done finally! I will be recommending you cut the entire row of headers flush before soldering down the dual wipes! Will update the assembly section of the install guides soon.

#HiDefNES progress

Interposer testing is done, cut 500 headers in half, now soldering those headers to the posers:

#HiDefNES update – poser sockets

#UltraHDMI update

Kits have been paid for and will be ordered shortly.

I have asked marshall if he has any idea of time to get them, so please don’t ask me yet, that info will be posted here if/when I find out anything.

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