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TG-16 Region Mod

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Turbo Duo Region Mod Kit

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UltraHDMI kit

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#HiDefNES update

Interposer assembly is done finally! I will be recommending you cut the entire row of headers flush before soldering down the dual wipes! Will update the assembly section of the install guides soon.

#HiDefNES progress

Interposer testing is done, cut 500 headers in half, now soldering those headers to the posers:

#HiDefNES update – poser sockets

#UltraHDMI update

Kits have been paid for and will be ordered shortly.

I have asked marshall if he has any idea of time to get them, so please don’t ask me yet, that info will be posted here if/when I find out anything.

Hi-Def NES update 1-11-17

Kevtris is busy programming and testing main boards, about half done already. When he’s done i’ll go over and get all the stuff and start in on my end of the deal, testing interposers, pre assembling posers, and esd bag sealing all boards. Then I can start shipping orders!

Hi-Def NES update 1-5-17

#HiDefNES boards are shipping from china monday, so orders will start shipping in a couple weeks.

We have 500 coming and about 300 pre ordered so we’ll have about 200 on hand till they run out, so i’ll switch from pre order mode to normal ordering. By my estimates that will last about 2 months.

#HiDefNES update

Kevin got a pic of the new batch of kit being readied for assembly. Yellow solder mask and black silkscreen, looks pretty nice in the pics.

Hi-Def NES news

So Kevtris told me he ordered another 500 kits! I didn’t know he was ordering that many! He also says production starts today! So kits may be in before the end of the year!

As of 12-5 about 200 are preordered. This means we’ll still have plenty of kits ready to ship once the batch arrives, so I will switch from pre order mode to normal inventory fulfillment mode till we run out and then back to preorder mode. That’s if we run out! We may have enough time to reorder when inventory gets low that pre ordering may not have to happen.

Hi-Def NES Sept on batch update

Kevtris says the pcb fab/assembler has started on the next batch. The FPGAs were hard to source, but they were ordered and they do have them! We also ordered more kits than have been ordered so far, but they will most likely all be preordered by the time we start shipping anyway….

#HiDefNES update

All kits up to order #2100 have been shipped out!

We seem to be having a lot of problems with the sockets supplied, they don’t seem to grip the cpu and ppu legs as well as sockets used in the past. Still looking for a solution other than bend each row of legs out and force it back in to the sockets…

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