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GBAConsolizer news:

#GBAConsolizer Round 2 kits have started shipping!
I repeat, I only have the parts to ship LCD versions right now but full case parts are en route!

GBAConsolizer update

People are hugely interested in pre assembled ready to go GBAConsolizers and I see no reason we can’t also do pre orders for fully assembled units, so here’s the pre order page for them!!!

Too expensive? Go for the DIY kit here:

GBAConsolizer official MJR review vid

UltraHDMI update

From Marshal: HW2 Analog RGB expansion board with Deblur for RGB is working! Maybe you could ask people if they care one way or another about component Y/Pb/Pr output and if they want gamma correction on those outputs. It’s possible, but takes more work.

Again this is for HW2 only. (Hard Ware revision 2) Cost will be the same for main board, but I don’t know how pricing on the analog plugin board will go. It will have another flex to run to the Multi-AV connector.

UltraHDMI update

Marshall finally contacted me, he says the last pre order is done and on it’s way to me this week! He’s still working on the next hardware rev, so still no idea when the next pre order will happen.

#GBAConsolizer news:

A few more pages have been made:

That last one is work you can do to your GBA now in prepperation for kit arrival! Review and tell me if I made any mistakes…

UltraHDMI news:

There is no news!!!! I do not manufacture the kit, Marshall does and he hasn’t emailed me any news in a long time, it’s always this way! No, I do not know when he’ll be done with the hardware revision or when the next sale will happen…

#GCDual update

All pre orders from Feb 2019 have shipped!

#GBAConsolizer news

So the pre order has started! There’s lots of options for plastics colors already, but Creative Makers just sent the full list of options he will have, but it’s complicated:

Ready? LOL 64 total I can get you but there is even more yet. Glitter filled. Wood filled. Metal Filled. Any special requests lol?

Off White
Pearl White
UV Color Changing (Natural to Purple)
Temp Color Changing (Grey to Natural)
Temp Color Changing (Blue to Natural)
Glow in the Dark Green
Glow in the Dark Blue
Light Grey
Translucent Yellow
Dark Yellow
Translucent Green
Green Light Green
Dark Green
Pastel Yellow
Baby Pink
Translucent Orange
Dark Orange
Translucent Purple
Tranlucent Red
Tranlucent Blue
Light Blue
Baby Blue
Dark Blue
Dark Coffee Brown
Translucent Black
Pearl Gold
Pearl Copper
Bronze Color
Golden Brown
Gunmetal Grey
Olive Drab
Blue Grey
Navy Blue
Racing Green
Military Green
Deep Purple
Cherry Red
Pastel Green
2 unknown

Missing from list but will be available:

Matte Black
Matte Purple
Matte Pink
Translucent Sea Green
Carbon Fiber Filled

GBAConsolizer news:

GBAConsolizer translucent red full case and final design plexi!!!
Once I have all the color options here to photograph we’ll begin pre orders!
Also, lottery winner kits and review units are being sent out soon, i’ll share links to all vids etc when they roll out!

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