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Hi-Def NES kit

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TG-16 Region Mod

This will allow you to play Japanese HuCards on your TurboGrafx-16 console, it is one of the easiest region mods ever made! Solder it down, sever the 8 pcb traces, run wires to a switch, and mount the switch; that is it! More »

Turbo Duo Region Mod Kit

This is by far the easiest region mod kit available for the NEC console family including PC Engine and TurboGrafx-16 consoles. More »

UltraHDMI kit

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#GCDual Pre-orders started again!

I’m going to do a run of GCDual kits. I will leave the sale up until I get at least 50 pre orders, but if that happens right away i’ll leave it up for at least 2 weeks and order as many as are sold at that point.

GCDual the GameCube 480p HDMI Internal upgrade kit

#HiDefNES news:

Kits are sold out!!!!
I will have pre modded consoles with #HeightDefNES installed for sale soon though.
Those kits are slowly trickling in, mostly top load versions at this point.
#kevtris is making more kits now so stock should come back in 2-3 months.

GBAConsolizer updates:

GBAConsolizer kits are with Woozle being programmed and tested now.
One pcb set is on it’s way to me so I can test fit them with samples of the 3D printed pieces needed for the kit.
Once they are confirmed good fit I will put in the order for the required pieces for the pre orders.
This includes full case version as well as the regular console LCD replace version of the 3D printed parts.
There will be various colors available that the parts supplier has available, but we can request others if need be.

I am reworking my main computer so I will not have any YT vids up about this any time soon, but I will start posting them once I have the puter up and running again.

#GBAConsolizer update

Boards have arrived at @Woozle64 so programming and testing will start asap! 3D printed parts samples should be showing up at my door soon as well! No we do not know when the next pre order will happen yet. 🙂

UltraHDMI update

From Marshall:

The boards are now going through customs, the flex are in progress but
delayed. It’s unclear if they will be shipped before or after the
chinese Spring Festival. In any case if the boards require rework
(they probably will) then it’ll take some extra time for that

I am focusing on HW2 now and these boards will be built at a new fab.
New flex for this version has IGR builtin and also works great with my

GBAConsolizer update:

Working Gerbs from fab reviewed and look good so production of the first pre order will start asap and we should get the boards around mid Jan, then prog and testing can commence, ship not long after!
Still working on the full case, news coming soon.

#UltraHDMI update

The December pre order has concluded!

News about when kits are getting fabbed or shipped or have arrived will be posted as I get it!

I will post to my twitter feed, the pre order details page, and here – the main page blog area.

#GBAConsolizer full case designed by @Woozle64!!

Check it out here:

GBAConsolizer full case

#UltraHDMI pre orders have started once again!

UltraHDMI upgrade kit – 1080p for your N64!

Woozle’s GBA Consolizer pre order lottery has started!

We are doing a pre order of 100 kits, but we don’t want a repeat of the hi-def rush that killed this site, so to also be fair about how we will sell the first 100 kits, we’ve decided to do a lottery drawing from a list of names compiled from this sale page over a 2-3 week period.
Simply buy 1 kit here and your email will be entered in to the Lottery!
Only 1 entry per customer!
200 names will be drawn on Nov 26th, the first 100 names will have 2 days to pay for the kit, if funds are not received in that time those ppl will forfeit their entry and we will move down the list.
This is still a pre order and only 1 kit per person.
Kits should ship 2-3 months after order is put in with pcb fab.

Once we are doubly sure the kits are ready for mass production, large pre order batches will begin ASAP.
This news will be distributed in the normal fashions, here, main page blog area, twitter, youtube , etc…

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