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Hi-Def NES kit

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TG-16 Region Mod

This will allow you to play Japanese HuCards on your TurboGrafx-16 console, it is one of the easiest region mods ever made! Solder it down, sever the 8 pcb traces, run wires to a switch, and mount the switch; that is it! More »

Turbo Duo Region Mod Kit

This is by far the easiest region mod kit available for the NEC console family including PC Engine and TurboGrafx-16 consoles. More »

UltraHDMI kit

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UltraHDMI update

I have started shipping orders from the last pre order.
I do not have any info on when the next pre order will start yet.

GBAConsolizer news:

LCD 3D prints will be here in 2 weeks so anyone not waiting for full case will get theirs shipped then, but full case is not far behind!

UltraHDMI pre order news:

All current pre order customers should be getting an email from me, if you didn’t get it check your spam folder or if the email on the order is correct etc.

#GCDual update

50 kits have been ordered!

UltraHDMI update

Nov/Dec pre orders are being shipped to me mid next week!!!!

No! I still don’t know when the next pre order will happen.

GBAConsolizer news!!!!

From Woozle: I’ve been working a lot on the full case, it’s pretty much done. If you press down on the cartridge guide it clicks which is annoying but not sure how to fix that. It sits on top of some SMD components on the gba board which make it wobble like 0.5mm when you press it. No way to stabilize it without another printed part. In normal use it should never be noticeable unless you mash on it.

All that’s left is the plexiglass, I gotta reposition the holes and just double check the shape outline by printing a mock up piece.

I get my Digi-Key order on Wednesday which has the parts to test the 32 pin adapter. Also has the full case front panel power switch so I can double check that it fits.

A main board pcb was sent to the 3D print guy so he can test fit the LCD replacement version of the consolizer mount. So those might start production very soon as well.


#GCDual news:

I’m going to leave the sale page up until I have 50 kit orders, but since it’s taking forever i’m going to go ahead and put in the order with the fab once enough have sold to cover costs, maybe like 5-10 more orders. Sitting at 18 order right now.

New product available for original xbox:

LPC rebuild board for v1.6 original XBOX

#GCDual Pre-orders started again!

I’m going to do a run of GCDual kits. I will leave the sale up until I get at least 50 pre orders, but if that happens right away i’ll leave it up for at least 2 weeks and order as many as are sold at that point.

GCDual the GameCube 480p HDMI Internal upgrade kit

#HiDefNES news:

Kits are sold out!!!!
I will have pre modded consoles with #HeightDefNES installed for sale soon though.
Those kits are slowly trickling in, mostly top load versions at this point.
#kevtris is making more kits now so stock should come back in 2-3 months.

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