Woozle’s GBA Consolizer kit 40-pin version


HDMI output for your GameBoy Advance!!!

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Nov 9th through the 25th we did a lottery for pre order of only 100 kits. This was to be extra sure there are no issues with the kit. Once we get some feedback from these kits and are confident everything is ok we will do another pre order for a much larger batch of kits!
This news will be distributed in the normal fashions, here, main page blog area, twitter, youtube , etc…

Consolizer kit for Game Boy Advance 40-pin AGB-001*

  • Fine-tuned video output
    • 720p digital video output**
    • GBA video at 60 Hz Vsync, absolutely no stutter or screen tearing!
    • Direct digital 4:4:4 RGB video from GBA
    • 4x scale for GBA games, letterboxed in 1280×720 frame
    • 5x scale for GB/GBC games, fills screen vertically with pillar boxes on side
  • No input lag.
  • Direct digital audio sent over HDMI at 48 KHz
  • On Screen Display (OSD) menu accessible by pushing select + down, featuring:
    • Adjustable strength scan lines and grid lines
    • 32+ Game Boy color palettes, adjustable in game (PICS HERE)
    • Gamma/color correction provided via Shader menu option (PICS HERE)
    • Store user video settings in flash memory
  • Controller support
    • Wired SNES controller
    • Compatible with 8Bitdo Retro Receiver for use with:
      • 8Bitdo wireless SNES controller
      • Wii U Pro controller
      • Switch Pro controller
  • 3D printed enclosure
  • Full console conversion, LCD is replaced with HDMI module
  • USB powered, under 500 mA current draw. Can be powered from TV USB port.

Side by side comparison of GameBoy Player Composite and Consolizer HDMI pics HERE!

*Note: The glacier color GBA has a better chance of being a 40-pin, but 32 pin adapter coming soon so all GBA consoles can be used with the 40 pin kit!
**Note: Some displays don’t like the HDMI output, DVI Tx mode is available as a fall back option. The kit ships with DVI enabled by default for maximum compatibility.

Breakout PCB for soldering the GBA controls, audio, and power wires. Connects to main board using an FFC (Flat Flex Cable).

My videos about the kit: GameTechUS GBAConsolizer playlist

Bob of RetroRGB’s excellent video

Latest videos from Woozle,

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, GBA Consolizer

Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance, GBA Consolizer

This section will soon be deleted as we do believe a small adapter pcb will be available to simply adapter to the 32 pin version of the GBA.

GBAs with the 40-pin usually have a leading zero on the pcb code seen through the backside of the GBA.
Not sure if it’s a guarantee, but I’ve had good luck with this method.

As far as internally, just needs to have the 40 pin ribbon connector.

32 pin gba adapter PCBs and cables will be available very soon!
34 pin SP version is coming, but will be a different physical kit, stay tuned!
A GameCube Gameboy player version will come eventually…

GBA Consolizer User Manual – HERE
GBA Consolizer Install Guide – HERE

Links to articles about the GBAConsolizer:














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